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Weather in Thailand

Weather Averages for Thailand

Listed below are the Weather Averages for Thailand. These averages are based on data collected from 4 weather stations in Thailand from 1979 to 2021. Bangkok has an annual average temperature of 28 deg C, with monthly mean temperatures ranging from 25deg C in December to 30deg C in May. The country receives a large amount of rainfall each year, with 150cm (59in) recorded in total per year.

The rainy season in Chiang Mai runs from June to October. During this time, temperatures drop below 70 deg C and are not recommended for hiking. Early in the season, rains are most common during late afternoon and evening. After an hour, however, they usually subside. While rains can be unpleasant, they make the city greener, streets feel cleaner, and the air is cooler and fresher. In Chiang Mai, it’s possible to hike and still enjoy cool temperatures.

The rainy season in Bangkok lasts for nine months. The average rainfall in this period is around eight inches, with a high of 17.6 in June. It also rains heavily, averaging 31.0 days per month during the rainy season. In general, rainfall in Thailand fluctuates dramatically between months and cities. For Bangkok, the rainy season lasts for nine months, from February 23 to December 3; the coldest month is September, with an average rainfall of eight.

In the northwest, the climate is tropical, with three distinct seasons. The best season to visit the area is between November and March, as cooling winds keep summer temperatures at bay and humidity levels lower than in other months. However, rainfall in southern Thailand is monsoon season. A trip to this region is definitely worth the extra money. The weather is usually pleasant and pleasantly cool, although rains can last for only a few days.

The climate of Thailand is influenced by the ENSO cycle, which includes El Nino and La Nina. In the north, rainfall is heaviest between October and December. The rainy season ends in November, except for southern Thailand. A trip to this part of the country is guaranteed to be warm and enjoyable. Aside from rain, temperatures are generally pleasant and sunny. However, there are some regions of Thailand that experience a cooler climate, such as the coastal regions.

The climate of Thailand varies based on the altitude of the country. The inland and northern areas experience a dry season from November to February. The rainy season varies, with the central and southern peninsular regions experiencing more rainy seasons. For example, the northern peninsular region of Thailand experiences more rainy seasons, with the summer months dominated by hot, humid conditions. A visit to this region in winter is more comfortable than the inland areas during the dry season.

From May to July, temperatures in southern Thailand are warm and dry. However, temperatures may remain relatively cool, with temperatures ranging from 17 degC to 26 degC. Rainfall also tends to be more frequent and heavier as the rainy season progresses. The monsoon usually arrives in late August or early September, bringing heavy rainfall and hot temperatures. By December, temperatures drop dramatically. It’s also colder during the winter.

Despite the tropical climate, Thailand rarely suffers from severe climate changes. While temperatures may reach 100 degrees during the hottest months of the year, sea breezes offer relief throughout most of the day. As a result, opening windows is a cheap and effective way to stay cool. A Thailand weather average can vary widely from place to place, so it’s important to check the average for the time of year you’ll be traveling in.

Early spring in Thailand is still considered the dry season, though temperatures in the afternoon can reach 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the humidity levels in this time frame match the temperatures. In short, it’s difficult to be outdoors, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Although May is considered the most affordable month for traveling in Thailand, it is the most humid and hot season. If you’re a fan of hot weather, early spring is not the best time to visit.

July is the rainiest month in Thailand. Rainfall in the major tourist cities reaches 170 mm (7 in) during July. On the other hand, inland areas, as well as some islands, experience less rain than the coastal regions. The average temperature in Bangkok during this month is around 85degF or 29degC. Nevertheless, temperatures can change rapidly in the same day. Whether you choose to travel in the summer or winter months, make sure to pack comfortable clothing and sunblock.


Weather in Thailand

When travelling to Thailand, the weather can vary quite a bit depending on when you visit. Bangkok, for example, averages 68 degrees F during the winter months and reaches 95 degrees F during the summer months. The months with the least chance of significant precipitation are January and February, while June and October are the wettest. The best time to visit is during the month of December, which is usually very pleasant. And remember, if you plan to visit during the rainy season, then it’s best to book your travel early.

The monsoon season occurs between May and July and lasts until September. During this time, rain in Thailand typically falls in brief bursts but tends to be more frequent and longer as the rainy season progresses. In general, the best time to visit Thailand during the rainy season is during early summer. Around 55 inches of rain falls in Northern Thailand every year. This rainy season is also the busiest in northern Thailand, so it’s best to plan your visit during these months.

The dry season in Thailand is between November and March, with temperatures ranging between 28 and 34 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are comfortable, with nine hours of sunshine each day. During the dry season, landscapes look lush and vibrant. And while temperatures remain comfortable, crowds will increase. However, if you plan your trip around the dry season, it’s worth considering the rainy season. However, the dry season also happens to coincide with the tourist high season, which lasts from mid-December to mid-January.

Despite the fact that the Thailand climate is very different from that of the UK, you can still find plenty to do and see. During the cool season, temperatures rarely go below 30degC. The rainy season lasts from May to November and can vary dramatically from region to region. In the south, rainfall is much more frequent than in northern Thailand. But if you plan your trip during one of these seasons, the weather will remain comfortable for your trip.

The cool season in Thailand lasts from November to February, and the coolness will be felt most in the mountains. Temperatures will range from ten to twenty-five degrees Celsius (around 67-82 degrees Fahrenheit). However, it can be quite nice during the cool season in Central Thailand, with temperatures ranging from eighteen degrees to twenty-five degrees. However, there are few days during the cool season in Northern Thailand, making this a better time to visit if you’re going during this period.

While Bangkok can be really hot in the summer, it can still be very pleasant to travel during this time. The temperature in the capital can reach forty degrees Celsius. At the same time, humidity levels are high, making the heat uncomfortable to bear. Aside from this, temperatures in southern Thailand are moderately hot all year long. During the rainy season, temperatures will average around thirty degrees Celsius. From June to October, the rainy season lasts for about nine months, while the dry season begins in November and ends in February.

When traveling to Thailand, you need to keep the temperature in mind. Thailand’s climate is quite variable with three main seasons: hot, humid, and rainy. The temperature will vary between 40 degrees in the hot season and ten degrees in the cool season, so you need to plan your travel accordingly. And don’t forget to pack light! With this information, you’ll be able to make the right decisions when it comes to the temperature.

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