NewsThe Next Big Sparkling Wine Destination

The Next Big Sparkling Wine Destination


Throughout the world, sparkling wine is enjoying tremendous popularity. Some countries, such as Canada and New Zealand, have become major hotspots for drinking and tasting sparkling wine. Then, there are other places, such as Israel, Brazil, and South Africa, where the wine is becoming increasingly popular.


Located on the German border, Alsace is a wine-producing region that produces fruity French white wines. The region’s vineyards are surrounded by picturesque villages.

Pinot Gris from Alsace is a rich, opulent wine with a smoky flavor. This wine pairs well with grilled tuna and roasted pork.

There are more than 38,000 acres of vineyards in the Alsace wine region. It produces world-famous dry Riesling, as well as Pinot Blanc, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris.

Wines from the Alsace region are produced in a semi-continental climate. The dry climate allows for Germanic grapes to thrive. The vineyards are situated at 200 to 400 meters. The vineyards are often protected by the Vosges mountain range, which keeps rain and clouds away.

Wines from the region are complemented by a rich culture and cuisine. The region is home to the Munster cheese, artisan jams, goose foie gras and gingerbread. The wine of the region is one of the best in France.

Wineries in the region welcome visitors like family. Most are small and offer free tastings. The region’s wines are highly expressive of the soils and terroir.

The region is also known for late-harvest dessert wines. The vineyards of the Alsace wine route wind through lush French countryside.

The best way to experience the region is to take a wine tour. JoliSoleil offers private wine tours. The tour starts from Strasbourg and takes visitors to five benchmark wineries in Alsace.


Despite its size, Brazil has only been recently recognised as a major wine producing country. However, the country is quickly gaining international recognition for its sparkling wines.

Although Brazil is relatively small in comparison to Argentina and Chile, it produces a wide variety of wines. Most of the country’s production is still red, while the country also produces a variety of white wines. The most popular varietals are Italian Riesling, Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Muscat. These wines are light in alcohol and easy to drink.

Almost 90 percent of the country’s wine production is in the Serra Gaucha region. This region is located in southern Brazil. The area is a great place for white grapes. The region has a tropical climate. Moreover, the region is surrounded by rolling green hills. It receives ample rainfall.

There are a total of 1,100 wineries in the region. These small family-owned wineries grow grapes for wine production. The average vineyard size is 43 acres. In the 1970s, multinational producers were drawn to the region due to its favourable growing conditions. The area also received a lot of attention in the winemaking industry because of its high altitude. In recent years, the wine industry has grown significantly.

Brazilian wine producers use a variety of methods for making their wines. The most common method is the Charmat method, which involves second fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Most of the wineries in the country use this method.

South Africa

Known for its cool-climate wine varieties, South Africa’s wine regions provide the perfect environment for making well-balanced wines. In addition, South Africa’s wine regions have the benefit of being located close to the ocean, which allows the wines to benefit from a cooling breeze.

The country’s oldest wine region, Boschendal, is located between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch. This is where Jean De Long planted vines in the late 1680s. Today, Boschendal is known for its fine Cap Classique.

Another wine region in South Africa, Swartland, is known for its natural wines and concentrated old-vine Chenin Blanc. It is also home to South Africa’s top olive-growing region.

South Africa’s second-oldest wine region, Paarl, is known for its Pinotage. It is also home to many top viticulture research centers.

One of the most celebrated MCC houses in South Africa is Graham Beck Vineyards. The company has invested in more land in the Cape, which is working to restore native flora. The company’s Brut Reserve and the Demi-sec style, Kaapse Vonkel Satin Nectar, are popular choices.

Another wine region located in South Africa, Franschhoek, is home to the Colmant estate. The family moved from French-speaking Belgium to Franschhoek in 2002. The Colmant estate is dedicated to producing fine Cap Classique. In addition to producing fine wines, the estate also offers wine and cupcake pairing.

The Cape Winelands are located in the Western Cape. The region comprises the municipalities of Stellenbosch, Paarl, Worcester, and Franschhoek. It is a short drive from Cape Town to this wine region. The region is known for its wine and its unique Cape Dutch architecture.


Located in Canada, the Okanagan Valley has become a hotspot for both wine and tourism. In fact, you can now find imported wines relegated to a store-within-a-store. If you’re lucky enough to visit this area of the country, you’ll also get to enjoy some of the best sunshine in North America.

A recent Whole Foods promotion, in conjunction with the BC Wine Institute, touted eight BC wines. The best part is that each wine was a winner in its own right. For instance, the winery’s best-known product, a dry brut, is not only a wine but also a wine liqueur. The beverage is surprisingly tasty.

The wine industry in BC has long been a major player in the Canadian wine industry. The region is also home to the country’s largest wine grape growing area, the Okanagan Valley. If you’re in the mood for a a proper Canadian meal, you’ll find that many restaurants are now featuring BC wines on the menu. The region is also home to the largest vineyard in Canada, Taittinger Vineyard, with its 700+ acres of vines.

If you’re in the mood for a fuel-free tasting tour of the Okanagan Valley, you’ll have no problem finding one. You can even do so by helicopter, if you’re up for the challenge. There are also a slew of other fine things to do in the area, from boat tours of the lake to golfing.

New York’s Finger Lakes region

Located five hours outside of New York City, Finger Lakes, New York is a wine-loving region. The area is known for its scenic farmland and lakes, and its world-class wineries. With a variety of stellar wines, Finger Lakes wineries have been a fixture on the North American wine scene for more than 50 years. But the Finger Lakes wine scene has undergone a surge of innovation in the past 15 years.

With 11 Finger Lakes located in Upstate New York, the region is known for its picturesque lakes and farmland. The area is also known for its quaint towns and scenic hiking trails. The region’s namesake lakes are home to a number of waterfalls and apple orchards. In addition to the winery scene, the Finger Lakes region has a thriving craft beer and food scene.

Finger Lakes wineries are predominantly known for producing sweet, fruity wines, including chardonnay, pinot gris, and pinot noir. However, the region is also home to many drier whites and reds. Currently, Finger Lakes wineries are looking to increase their production of dry whites and reds.

The Finger Lakes wine region has become a global player in the Riesling world. Riesling is a sweet grape variety, which can be made into sparkling wine. The wineries in the region produce a range of Rieslings, from bone dry steely to citrusy. Most Finger Lakes wineries produce at least one Riesling.


Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Israel has been making wine for thousands of years. A recent wave of innovation is leading to the development of fine wine in the country. Israeli winemakers have rediscovered indigenous grape varieties that were long thought extinct.

Israel is also home to the Negev Desert, which produces wines seen nowhere else. It is considered the “New World” of wine production. Wines produced in the desert include Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. In the past, most wine was produced in coastal areas. However, during the 1990s, a new wave of international winemakers came to Israel. These winemakers returned from abroad eager to experiment with winemaking techniques.

The Negev desert is now one of Israel’s fastest-growing wine regions. Winemakers are growing Cabernet Sauvignon and other international grape varieties. Nahar has also made varietal bottlings using the argaman grape, which is a crimson-colored variety.

Israeli winemakers have also cultivated indigenous varieties that are long thought to be extinct. Winemakers at Domaine du Castel, for example, presented a tasting of Judean and Shomron hills, explaining their unique terroir.

Israeli winemakers also produce high-quality wines based on international grape varieties. Mourvedre, Grenache, and Viognier are the basis of modern Israeli wines.

Israel is also home to several small wineries that experiment with proprietary blends. Many Israeli small-winery producers focus on quality, not quantity. These producers are trying out new techniques and experimenting with their own blends.


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