NewsThings to Know About Lake Plastira in Greece

Things to Know About Lake Plastira in Greece

Located on the southern tip of Thessaly, Lake Plastira in Greece is a stunning destination that is home to ancient landmarks, natural beauty and a range of attractions. As a result, this area is a great place to visit for both families and couples. If you are planning to visit, you should know that there are a few important things to consider before you go, such as finding the best accommodation, taking your car or bus to get there and planning your itinerary to maximize your time.


Thessaly on Lake Plastira in Greece is an area surrounded by glorious natural beauty. A combination of tradition and cultural heritage makes the area a unique destination for visitors to explore. Here, you’ll find beautiful beaches, traditional villages, exceptional services and the finest local cuisine. It is also a perfect location for religious travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.

In the early 12th century, the Holy Monastery of Korona was built. This monastery is one of the most important ecclesical sights in the area. You can see rare frescoes in the monastery. Also, a botanical garden near Neochori is a place to see a variety of flowers and herbs.

Lake Plastira is one of the most beautiful artificial lakes in Greece. The water is 83 meters high and is framed by the majestic Agrafa Mountains. Visitors to this natural paradise can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lush greenery.

Lake Plastira is located in the Prefecture of Karditsa. You can reach the lake by taking the bus from the city of Karditsa. Alternatively, you can rent a small boat and go on an adventure.

The area around Lake Plastira is also home to the Panagia Pelekiti monastery. This monastery is a stunning work of art carved into the rocks of the Agrafa Mountains. Located in the municipality of Lake Plastiras, the monastery is a place to visit for its elaborate architecture.

Another notable sight in the area is the Gaki Cave. Named after the reported hiding place of Thymios Gakis in the late 19th century, the cave offers an impressive panorama of stalactites and stalactites.

Another great place to visit is the Holy Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti in Belokomitis. This monastery is a magnificent construction with intricate carvings and rare frescoes.

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Lake Plastira in Greece is a pristine artificial lake that is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. It is located in the prefecture of Karditsa, in the Thessaly region. In addition to its scenic beauty, the area is also ideal for skiing in winter.

Several mountain reserves provide mountain trekking opportunities. You can visit a Botanical Garden near Neochori that features important floral elements of the region. Another attraction is Gaki Cave. A river flows through the cave.

The lake is a perfect place for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, kayaking, and horse riding. There are several small villages lining the shores of the lake that offer accommodation and meals. Some of the most picturesque towns and villages are Kastania, Mouha, and Lambero.

Located on the northern slope of Mount Itamos, Kastania offers a beautiful climate. The village is well known for traditional craftsmen who make tsarouhia. If you’re interested in exploring the town, you can walk along the cobbled road to the square. Other highlights include the historic watermill and two stone bridges.

Lake Plastiras is the largest artificial lake in Greece. It was built by damming the Tavropou river. The water from the reservoir is used for irrigation and hydroelectric power. During World War II, it was an important site for the Greek Resistance. Now it is a popular weekend getaway for many Greeks.

The surrounding area of the lake is dotted with historic villages. One of the most famous is Neohori. At 800 meters above sea level, the town is a paradise for nature lovers. Here you can find botanical gardens, museums, and cafes.

Ancient landmarks

Lake Plastira in Greece is a perfect destination for nature lovers. This artificial lake is surrounded by oak and chestnut trees. It is also a favorite honeymoon destination. There are lots of activities to choose from.

Ancient landmarks in Lake Plastira include the Neohori village. The village is built on the slope of a hill and overlooks the lake. The village offers hiking trails. Also, the Botanical Garden contains a coffee shop. The museum has interesting exhibits.

The Stoa of Attalos is a reconstruction of an ancient building. Built in the 2nd century BC, the ruins are now used as a museum. In addition, there are Doric columns. Moreover, a colonna from the Ionic period is present.

Another important archaeological site is the Ancient Agora. Located close to the Acropolis, it is a well-preserved site of ancient Greek architecture. Here, you can find terracotta figurines and pottery. You can also visit the First Cemetery of Athens. Several famous Greeks are buried here.

There are also the ruins of the Ancient Greek theatre. Socrates regaled the public in this place. One of the stoas in the Ancient Agora is the one that is lined with shops.

Other important landmarks in Lake Plastira are the Neohori and Kalyvia Pezoulas villages. They have beautiful beaches. The lake is a source of life for both of these communities.

There are plenty of other interesting things to do in Lake Plastira. If you’re a religious tourist, you can visit the Holy Monastery of Panagia Pelekiti in Belokomitis. And, if you love wine, you can go to the village of Moschato and enjoy a glass of OPAP wine.

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The perfect destination to escape from the stress of modern life, Lake Plastira is a place to relax and take in the natural beauty of the Greek mountains. It is located in the Karditsa region of Greece and is a popular resort for tourists. Whether you want to go hiking or skiing, you can find plenty of activities to do in the area.

In the summer months, you can spend your days in the lake, where you can rent boats for kayaking. You can also hike through the wild mountains and forests. There are also several public swimming beaches for you to enjoy.

The area is also home to a number of traditional villages. These provide a glimpse into the life of Greek mountain people. Many of them also produce local festivals every year.

If you’re interested in learning more about the area’s history, you may be interested in visiting the Fortress of Fanar. This is the only preserved Byzantine castle in the western part of Thessaly. During the Ottoman Empire, it served as a barracks.

Several small villages offer accommodation. These include Kalyvia Pezoulas and Neochori. Some hotels offer a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains.

Another option is to stay at Neraida, a mountain village. Here you can see dramatic views of the peaks of Agrafa. Also, there is a garden featuring native plants.

You can also check out the monastery of Panagia Pelekiti, which is carved out of a large rock. Those who want to learn more about the history of the area can visit the local museum.

In the winter months, the area is a popular place to go skiing. The area is also a popular place for snowboarding.

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The Plastiras Lake in Greece is considered a paradise for nature lovers. There are several attractions to visit in the region. These include the Monastery of Koroni, Petras Monastery and the Panagia Pelekiti monastery.

Visitors can explore the surrounding mountains. They can also enjoy walks along the lakeshore. If you want to relax, you can swim in the refreshing waters of the lake. You can even rent a canoe and have a leisurely ride in the waters.

Those who love mountain sports can try skiing, hiking, horse-riding, and kayaking. There are numerous adventure companies to cater to your needs.

During the summer, visitors can try sailing, canoeing, or water bicycling. The area has dozens of traditional villages. In addition, there are a number of museums, monasteries, and forests.

The area around the lake is also ideal for trekking. There are many trails that lead to breathtaking views. Several islands can be visited. On the western shore, there is a Botanical Garden.

Neohori is a beautiful village that overlooks the lake. Its hotels offer a spectacular view of the lake. During the winter months, the small ski resort in Karamanoli can be visited.

The nearby village of Mesenikolas produces special red wine, which is known for its quality. The winery is open to larger groups by appointment.

Observation Tower, the Educational Forest Park of Belokomiti, and Petras Monastery are also a must-see. The lake offers a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Those who wish to have an adventure-filled afternoon should try water bicycling, sailing, or water-skiing. You can also rent a hydrobike for a full day of fun.

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