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New York to Los Angeles

New York to Los Angeles

The Cheapest Flights from New York to Los Angeles

Departure atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
15 December 20238 January 2024Spirit AirlinesTickets from 175
17 January 202417 January 2024Spirit AirlinesTickets from 97
10 February 202412 February 2024Spirit AirlinesTickets from 142
6 March 202412 March 2024JetBlue AirwaysTickets from 187
20 April 202427 April 2024Alaska AirlinesTickets from 229
1 May 20241 May 2024Spirit AirlinesTickets from 232
15 June 202421 June 2024United AirlinesTickets from 277
3 July 202430 July 2024United AirlinesTickets from 293
9 August 202417 August 2024United AirlinesTickets from 276
16 September 202425 September 2024United AirlinesTickets from 242
25 October 202429 October 2024Delta Air LinesTickets from 278
1 November 20241 November 2024United AirlinesTickets from 297

Cheap Flights from New York

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Miami8 January 202413 January 2024Tickets from 59
Indianapolis8 February 202410 February 2024Tickets from 66
Fort Lauderdale8 January 202413 January 2024Tickets from 71
Orlando8 January 202410 January 2024Tickets from 77
Charlotte13 December 202318 December 2023Tickets from 77
Chicago12 February 202415 February 2024Tickets from 82
West Palm Beach19 December 202324 December 2023Tickets from 84
Boston25 January 202426 January 2024Tickets from 126
Austin21 February 202422 February 2024Tickets from 134
Baltimore15 January 202417 January 2024Tickets from 139

Cheap Flights to Los Angeles

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Las Vegas22 December 202324 December 2023Tickets from 45
Oakland23 February 202427 February 2024Tickets from 85
Memphis13 December 202315 December 2023Tickets from 90
San Francisco23 February 202427 February 2024Tickets from 100
Dallas16 December 202319 December 2023Tickets from 122
Fort Lauderdale10 January 202413 January 2024Tickets from 135
Chicago16 January 202420 January 2024Tickets from 139
Miami10 January 202413 January 2024Tickets from 155
Charlotte4 February 202410 February 2024Tickets from 162
Atlanta17 January 202420 January 2024Tickets from 162

Cheap Flights From New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX)

Getting from New York to Los Angeles can be a difficult process, but there are a number of ways to travel between the two cities. For example, you can take a flight or train. If you don’t want to take a plane, a bus is another option. If you are considering flying, one-stop flights are also an option.


If you want to get to Los Angeles, but cannot afford to fly to the city, there are several ways to get there cheaply. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States, and is served by several international airports. New Yorkers can fly into Newark International Airport or LaGuardia Airport to get to LAX.

You can fly to Los Angeles on American Airlines or Delta. It takes approximately six hours and twenty minutes to fly from New York City to Los Angeles. Other airlines also offer direct flights to Los Angeles.

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