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New York to Las Vegas

New York to Las Vegas

The Cheapest Flights from New York to Las Vegas

Departure atReturn atAirlineFind tickets
31 May 20236 June 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 221
12 June 202315 June 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 196
3 July 20236 July 2023Spirit AirlinesTickets from 188
23 August 202330 August 2023United AirlinesTickets from 163
5 September 20236 September 2023United AirlinesTickets from 170
3 October 20236 October 2023United AirlinesTickets from 202
8 November 202311 November 2023United AirlinesTickets from 253
2 December 20235 December 2023United AirlinesTickets from 248
16 February 202420 February 2024American AirlinesTickets from 410
4 March 20247 March 2024United AirlinesTickets from 334
3 April 202410 April 2024United AirlinesTickets from 324
17 May 202421 May 2024United AirlinesTickets from 340

Cheap Flights from New York

DestinationDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Atlanta26 September 202327 September 2023Tickets from 86
Miami10 June 202314 June 2023Tickets from 87
Orlando6 June 202311 June 2023Tickets from 87
Fort Lauderdale20 June 202324 June 2023Tickets from 97
Chicago5 September 20238 September 2023Tickets from 115
Tampa9 June 202313 June 2023Tickets from 128
Detroit24 August 202327 August 2023Tickets from 134
Nashville14 July 202318 July 2023Tickets from 143
Buffalo15 July 202316 July 2023Tickets from 154
Washington21 December 202323 December 2023Tickets from 155

Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

OriginDeparture atReturn atFind tickets
Oakland12 June 202315 June 2023Tickets from 45
Los Angeles5 June 20238 June 2023Tickets from 57
Phoenix13 July 202315 July 2023Tickets from 66
San Francisco12 June 202315 June 2023Tickets from 69
Ontario3 July 20234 July 2023Tickets from 78
Denver19 August 202321 August 2023Tickets from 95
Dallas19 June 202323 June 2023Tickets from 95
Seattle20 September 202325 September 2023Tickets from 132
Orlando12 August 202316 August 2023Tickets from 142
Richmond19 June 202322 June 2023Tickets from 144

Cheap Flights From New York (JFK) to Las Vegas (LAS)

Whether you’re looking to fly high rolling gamblers into Sin City for an epic bachelor party or glitzy NYC girls heading to the clubs for some serious sex on the dance floor, it’s no secret that flights from New York to Las Vegas are among the most popular routes in the country. But despite the popularity of the route, there are still some great deals to be found if you’re willing to be flexible with your travel dates and airline selection.

The number of direct flights from New York to Las Vegas varies depending on the time of year, but it’s often possible to find cheap flights during the months of May and June. However, if you’re flying in the fall, you should expect to pay a premium due to higher demand for this route.

Direct flights from New York to Las Vegas are offered by several major airlines, including American Airlines and Delta. These airlines typically offer the best deals on this route, although Jet Blue has been known to make some good offers as well. If you’re interested in earning airline miles on your trip, be sure to choose an airline that offers frequent flyer programs you can join and maximize the number of miles you earn with each flight.

Las Vegas McCarran International Airport is located about six miles from downtown, and the airport’s free bus service makes it a convenient option for travelers who wish to avoid the cost of taxis to reach their destination. Upon arrival, visitors can take advantage of long and short term parking lots, ATMs, executive lounges, food courts, children’s play areas and a number of shopping options.

As with most destinations, it’s a good idea to book your flight early in order to get the best deal. Prices tend to be stable in the months leading up to departure, but once the last-minute booking window opens, round-trip fares can rise by hundreds of dollars at a time.

Be sure to always compare airfares directly with the airlines as third-party OTAs can often mark up prices by a significant margin. Using a powerful search engine like TravelDescribe will allow you to easily see if changing your dates or adding a stopover can get you an even better deal. And don’t forget to consider flexing your schedule – departing on a Tuesday instead of Friday will save you some money on your flight and also give you an extra day in Vegas, which could help you stretch your vacation out into a week. That way, you can try out your blackjack skills and hit some nightclubs during the week before letting loose on the Strip over the weekend.

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