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Weather in Egypt

Egypt Weather – Climate and Weather Average in Egypt

In general, Egypt’s climate is dry and subtropical, with heavy rainfall mostly in the summer. Temperatures do drop during the winter, but average lows don’t go below freezing. During this time, precipitation is low, and the country experiences sea breezes to keep the temperature down. Cairo receives very little rain, with average temperatures in January and February of 14deg C (57deg F). However, there are also periods of drought.

Summers in Egypt are usually hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from 104 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The sea temperatures, however, are slightly cooler. If you are visiting Egypt during this time, you will want to pack light clothing. You will also want to pack wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. However, even during the summer months, it is recommended to pack lightweight and breathable clothing, as temperatures can fluctuate.

The climate in Cairo varies significantly throughout the year. The hottest month is August, with average daily high temperatures of 95 deg F. Winters are largely similar to those of the northern coast, with highs in the mid-20s and lows of seventy-five degrees. The only major seasonal variation in wet days is the amount of precipitation that falls, which is measured in mm per day and can range from 0% to 3% of the annual total.

Summers in Egypt can be unbearably hot. Cairo and Aswan regularly have temperatures of 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is even higher in the desert. During the winter, the temperatures do not drop much, and even when it does, they remain very pleasant. However, the desert is prone to a high humidity level. For this reason, you should be prepared for a warm, humid summer.

The best time to visit Cairo is from November to April. During these months, the average temperature ranges between 66 degrees Fahrenheit and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer, the wind is strongest and can cause sandstorms, which can be uncomfortable for some. However, it is also the driest and least touristy season in the country. This means that it’s best to avoid visiting Egypt during the summer and plan your trip accordingly.

As Egypt is a desert, its climate is very different in different parts of the country. For example, coastal regions have a moister climate than inland desert plains. However, the average daytime temperature in Egypt is around 32 degrees Celsius. At night, the temperature can drop as low as seven degrees Celsius. It rarely rains in Egypt, so you should prepare accordingly. And remember to bring a hat and plenty of sun protection!

Cairo has two distinct seasons, with hot, dry summers and cool, mild winters. Despite its desert climate, Cairo generally receives only a few centimeters of rainfall a year. The best time to visit is mid-May to mid-July, or from mid-August to late October. And make sure to pack a waterproof jacket as the Egyptian heat can be a little extreme in these months.

Global surface temperatures are rising. Despite natural variability, the temperature in Egypt continues to rise. In the illustration below, the latest climate records are shown for Egypt and the world. The evolution of the historical record of Egypt is shown against the global record. It is also important to remember that the global surface temperature will continue to rise. The latest climatology is available through the National Geographic website. The maps can be a useful tool to help plan for your vacation.

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Weather in Egypt – The Best Month to Visit Egypt

The Weather in Egypt is mostly hot and dry, but the climate varies widely between regions. The coastal regions are humid while the inland plains are dry and hot. Daytime temperatures can be as high as 30degC and can dip as low as 7degC in winter. Despite its dry climate, Egypt experiences occasional rain showers, so it’s important to bring an umbrella and sunscreen, just in case. Listed below are some things to know about the Weather in Egypt.

The shoulder season in Egypt is between November and February when the temperature is milder and the risk of rain is low. Spring-like temperatures are also prevalent in Siwa and Marsa Matruh, where there’s more rain but fewer chances of swimming. Spring-like days provide welcome relief from the summer heat, and visitors can attend events such as the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival between March 29 and April 21. While the climate in Egypt may be pleasant during these months, the high season can be very crowded, so consider traveling during these seasons.

The winter months in Egypt coincide with the winter in the northern region. The climate is pleasantly warm with few spots of rain. Visiting Egypt during this season is a great way to avoid the cold winters. While the temperature in October is slightly higher than in the rest of the year, it is still warm enough to enjoy the beautiful Egyptian countryside. The average October high is 27degC, and the temperatures at night are about 18degC.

During the summer months, temperatures in Cairo can reach as high as 34degC, although temperatures can drop as low as 18degC. The hottest months of the year, such as June, July, and August, are a bit sweltering. Visitors should pack loose cotton clothing, sunscreen, and plenty of water. This way, they can spend their afternoons in air conditioning, and enjoy the cool evenings by the pool.

The spring months are the best time to visit Egypt because of the mild temperatures. In the northern part of Egypt, temperatures can reach as high as 35degC. From north to south, temperatures are moderate, but you can expect more rain in April and May. In Alexandria, the temperature is the lowest. Nevertheless, the sun is almost always present. Even in the south, the temperature is still mild, and the rainy season is not yet underway.

If you’re visiting Egypt in the winter months, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how cold it is. While temperatures can still reach a high of 80degF in July, the colder weather makes for a more pleasant experience. The winter months, however, can be much colder, but you’ll be guaranteed some sunshine. So, plan ahead and pack your winter clothes. If you’re unsure about the weather, take your travel insurance with you!

Summer in Egypt can be oppressive, but the water stays warm and you’ll be pleasantly cooled in the coastal areas. The hottest months of summer are July and August, but the water temperature in the Red Sea can reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of whether you’re visiting Egypt in the winter or summer, be sure to pack lightweight clothing and plenty of sun protection. Also, remember to pack sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

Cairo has cold winters. Last year, flooding in Cairo reached half a meter deep. Bring a light waterproof jacket. You can also purchase inexpensive umbrellas in downtown Cairo to protect yourself from the rain. The average temperature in Cairo is in the mid-twenties in winter, but it can get chilly in some locations, so you should bring light and breathable clothing. The temperature in Luxor is 70 to 73degF during the day and drops to a comfortable 10 or eight degrees at night.

Although the country receives relatively little precipitation each year, it does experience some extreme weather events. The wettest regions of Egypt get 200 millimeters of rain per year. The most ideal months for visiting Egypt are between December and February when temperatures range from twenty to 26 degrees Celsius or 68 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Some weather sites also include historical data. However, the information is not comprehensive. If you’re interested in learning more about the weather in Egypt, take a look at our Travel Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation

The Weather in Egypt varies greatly by region. In the north, temperatures can reach 43degC. In the south, temperatures don’t vary much. Alexandria is a very popular destination when it gets very hot in the north. The average annual temperature rises to about seven degrees as you travel south. In the winter, you can expect frost and light snow in some areas. Generally speaking, the temperature is pleasant in all parts of the country.

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