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Best Time to Visit Singapore

There are a few different seasons in Singapore, but the most popular time to visit is during the summer, which is the driest and warmest. You can expect temperatures between 30degC and 34degC. Be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen and keep your cool. If you’re planning a visit to Singapore during the summer, make sure to plan your trip before the heat hits.

Best Time to Go to Singapore


When is the Best Time to Visit Singapore? – Month by Month Guide

Visiting Singapore in January

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Singapore, the month of January is the perfect time to visit the island city. With its combination of greenery and hyper-modern architecture, the city offers plenty to see and do. It’s also a great time to experience the famous Singapore Art Festival. This festival is held in various venues throughout the city and offers a chance to view some of the country’s finest art.

Throughout January, Singapore hosts various festivals. Chinese New Year is held in January, while Thaipusam is held in February. Other festivals include the Food Festival and Vesak, held in May and July. Attending these events will help you learn about Singapore’s history and culture. And if you like fashion, you might even catch a few runway shows!

For the most authentic Singaporean experience, make sure to plan your itinerary in advance. Most of the attractions and activities are available online and the internet can help you save money on the cost of the tickets. Look for cashback deals and discounts when you book your tickets in advance. You should also look for combo offers so you can save even more money.

Visiting Singapore in March

The weather is tropical all year round, but it’s particularly hot and humid during the month of March. Expect daily highs and lows of around 27degC, and a few days of rain. The month is one of the hottest and most humid of the year, with average temperatures in March of around 30degC, but you can expect a high of about 29degC. You should pack light-weight clothing to stay comfortable, though.

Singapore’s weather is influenced by the Monsoon season. This season has less rain than the Northeast Monsoon and is typically less cloudy and sunny. It is also less likely to experience thunderstorms or excessive rain during this month. However, if you do decide to visit Singapore in March, it’s important to pack accordingly.

In March, you’ll find numerous performances and festivities that take place all over the island. One of the most popular and colorful festivals in Singapore takes place in Chinatown. Lion dances, Chinese stalls, and giant lantern displays are just some of the events taking place during this two-day festival.

Visiting Singapore in April

Visiting Singapore in April is ideal for those who want to enjoy the city’s weather, but also want to avoid the crowds. The city’s climate is known to be humid and rainy. The city experiences up to 15 rainy days every month, with about 40 percent chance of rain on any given day. Expect average daily temperatures of 27 degrees, with cooler evenings. Visiting Singapore in April is the perfect time to visit if you’re looking to enjoy the tropical island’s attractions, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

Singapore’s weather is generally pleasant throughout the year, but there are some things to keep in mind when planning your visit. The dry season runs from January to April, but the evenings can still be dreary. The wet season runs from July to December. Visiting Singapore in April will help you better visualize the city and its surroundings.

April is a good time to experience a variety of cultural events. The Singapore Art Week and the HSBC Rugby Event are two popular events that take place in April. Depending on which activities you choose, you could spend anywhere from four to six hundred dollars per ticket.

Visiting Singapore in May

If you are planning to visit Singapore in May, you should be prepared for hot and humid weather. The temperature varies from 25degC to 32degC. It is best to pack light clothing and wear a cotton t-shirt or shorts. If you are staying near a swimming pool, bring a swimsuit, too. You can also bring sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun. The weather in May is not particularly threatening but you will need to be aware of your surroundings.

The humidity level is at its highest in May, but the average temperature remains comfortable. Rainfall is slightly higher than in other months. Smoke haze can occur on occasion due to fires burning in nearby countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Face masks are available to help you combat this haze. Visiting Singapore in May is not the best time to visit if you have respiratory problems or asthma.

For a more enjoyable weather, visit Singapore in March or April. The temperatures during this time are mild and pleasant, and there are fewer rainy days. However, be aware that these are also the busiest months of the year, so accommodations will be more expensive.

Visiting Singapore in June

June marks the beginning of the tourist season in Singapore. As a result, it is important to pack light cotton clothing and sunscreen. Other essentials include sunglasses, a cap, and scarf. Visiting Singapore in June is also a good time to go on a walking tour around the city. The weather in June is perfect for sightseeing, and you can enjoy a day of outdoor activities in the beautiful city.

June is one of the hottest months of the year in Singapore, with temperatures ranging from 31C during the day to a comfortable 28C at night. The humidity is high, and thunderstorms are possible. However, most of the country’s rain falls in short, intense bursts. It’s a great time to check the weather before planning your trip. If you’re a shopping fanatic, don’t miss Orchard Road, which is one of the main shopping thoroughfares in the city. You can also visit the Bay area, which has many attractions, including Suntec City and Raffles City. The Sentosa Resort and Spa is also a nice place to visit.

Visiting Singapore in June is ideal if you’re looking for sunshine. While this month is popular with tourists, be aware that hotel rates will be higher than usual. In addition to beaches, you can also visit the city’s branded shopping malls. If you’re a fan of designer goods, you can visit Takashimaya or Suntec City, or even head to Marina Square to do some shopping.

Visiting Singapore in July

Visiting Singapore in July is ideal for tourists looking for a milder climate and an affordable price. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind before visiting this island city. Visiting Singapore in July is likely to be a bit rainier than visiting Singapore in December or January. During these months, many locals stay indoors. The humidity is also high. During these months, the city can experience high rainfall and haze from nearby Sumatra. If you suffer from respiratory problems, you should avoid visiting Singapore during these months.

Visiting Singapore in July is also an excellent time to experience the city’s many attractions. One of the most popular attractions is Jurong Bird Park, which is the world’s largest bird park. You can see more than 8,000 different bird species in this park. There are also several unique shows at the park. Approximately 900,000 people visit Jurong Bird Park every year, and visiting during this month will allow you to see even more birds.

Visiting Singapore in July is a good time to visit the city’s landmarks and shopping districts. However, the weather is very hot and humid in July, and you’ll want to dress accordingly. The temperatures in Singapore in July are typically between 25-35 degrees. You’ll also want to bring plenty of sunscreen and umbrellas.

Visiting Singapore in August

August is one of the coolest months in Singapore, and if you’re visiting during this month, you can take advantage of the city’s many festivals. Singapore’s National Day Parade takes place on the ninth of August and is followed by spectacular fireworks displays. If you’re planning to attend this festival, make sure to buy tickets in advance. You’ll also be able to catch the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations during this month.

August is a good month to visit Singapore if you’re on a budget. Singapore’s weather remains fairly stable all year round, thanks to its latitude one degree north of the equator. It’s also relatively less crowded, with fewer tourists. In addition, you’ll have the advantage of seeing less of Singapore during this month, since it’s less popular than other months.

The off-season for Singapore starts in August, which is ideal if you want to spend your vacation doing things you enjoy. There will be fewer tourists to bother you, and you’ll save money on hotel reservations. Since there is less demand, you’ll also have more leeway to bargain for a lower hotel rate.

Visiting Singapore in September

Visiting Singapore in September is an ideal time to explore the country’s cultural and natural attractions. The weather is still warm enough to enjoy the sights, and the city is still relatively inexpensive. The city’s public transportation is efficient and you can easily find a cheap hotel. Plan on spending about SGD 100 per day, and that will cover your hotel, transportation, and hawker stall meals. If you have children, consider taking them to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

The weather is generally pleasant throughout the year, though Singapore can be particularly hot in September. Luckily, Singapore has many air-conditioned malls and public spaces where you can cool off and enjoy the weather. During this period, there is a 50 percent chance of rain, so bring lightweight, breathable clothing. You will also need sunblock, walking shoes, and bug spray, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors.

Although Singapore is known as a tropical island, it is still hot and humid. During September, you’ll notice sporadic showers, which will provide some relief from the heat. However, you should still pack sunscreen and an umbrella, as the chances of rain are high. Although September is the beginning of fall, Singapore still experiences high temperatures around 31 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature is about 27 degC. During this time, there is less wind, which can help you enjoy cool breezes but also make the humidity worse.

Visiting Singapore in October

If you’re planning to visit Singapore during its shoulder season, consider October. The autumn and early winter months are known for less tourist traffic and are quieter in the city. Early January, on the other hand, is known for its bustle and celebration of Thaipusam, the Hindu festival with a churning chariot procession.

The weather in October is warm and humid, so plan your outdoor activities in the early morning or late afternoon. Spend the rest of the day indoors. You’ll also want to bring a water bottle and mosquito repellent. While you’re in Singapore, take advantage of the many fun festivals and events, as well as some of the off-the-beaten-path attractions.

October also marks the start of the northeast monsoon, which brings less rain but more thunderstorms than the southwest monsoon. During this time, expect to see rain for up to 15 days, and the weather becomes humid.

Visiting Singapore in November

Visiting Singapore in November will give you a chance to catch the city’s many events. The Singapore International Film Festival will be on in November and is the world’s oldest film festival. The festival features films that are in production or on their way to being released. It is a popular festival for film students, as it provides them with a lot of valuable knowledge in camera work, screenwriting, prop-making, and makeup. The festival will also feature awards ceremonies that honor the most notable films. While visiting Singapore in November, make sure to pack comfortable shoes for walking.

The ArtScience Museum is one of Singapore’s premier cultural attractions. The museum fuses art, science, and technology to create exciting interactive exhibitions and special events. Located in the Marina Bay Sands, the museum has 21 galleries. Permanent exhibits include Future World and Digital Light Canvas. During the month of November, the National Orchid Garden will be in full bloom.

Visiting Singapore in December

Visiting Singapore in December is one of the best times to visit the city-state. The tropical climate and Christmas-like atmosphere make December in Singapore a popular time to visit. It is best to pack light summer clothes for the day, slightly warm clothes for the evening, and festive party wear for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The weather in December is often wet and humid, so it is recommended to bring an umbrella and water-resistant shoes.

The weather in December in Singapore is pleasant and comfortable, but be aware that the Northeast Monsoon season kicks in during this time. While temperatures in December are only a few degrees below average throughout the year, the high rainfall and humidity can make the weather uncomfortable. However, the cool temperatures are perfect for strolling around the city and admiring nature’s beauty.

Beaches are also the best places to go during December but don’t expect to enjoy the sun. During this time, there are more cyclones, and the beaches aren’t always sunny. If you must go outdoors during this time, consider visiting the Singapore Zoo, Botanical Gardens, and Jurong Bird Park. You can also check out the Christmas market at Gardens by the Bay, where you can buy gifts and enjoy a Christmas-themed festival.


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