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Best Time to Visit Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia offers an incredible blend of history, landscapes, and cuisine – it makes an irresistibly exciting travel destination! But when is the ideal time for visitors to arrive? Avoid high prices and crowds by traveling during spring (March through May). Saudi Arabia’s best time of year to visit is during its relatively mild winter months from November to February.

What is the best time to visit Saudi Arabia?


When is the Best Month to Visit Saudi Arabia? – Month by Month Guide

  • January: Exploring the Winter Wonders

January is an ideal month to take a desert safari in Al Thumamah and indulge in adrenaline-pumping activities such as dune bashing. Camping out under the stars makes for an incredible night under canvas in Al Thumamah; camel riding, or learning sandboard – which combines snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing – are other possibilities as is visiting Aseer – one of the country’s most breathtaking mountain regions famed for high mountain peaks, unspoiled wilderness and natural beauty. Winter months also make the perfect opportunity to visit Aseer – known for high mountain peaks, unspoiled wilderness and natural beauty that await.

  • February: Unveiling Ancient Treasures

As winter recedes, Saudi Arabia becomes more accessible. February marks an ideal opportunity to discover its historical sites while experiencing local cuisine and culture. AlUla also holds fascinating secrets from one of Arabia’s first developed 1st millennium BCE cities that will leave an impressionful memory behind.

  • March: Coastal Delights

From December to March, temperatures remain comfortably warm and dry – an ideal opportunity to take part in beachside activities, explore museums and attend cultural events. December through March is also one of the best times of year to view Hegra – a UNESCO World Heritage Site boasting the world’s tallest fountain jet at 260 meters!

  • April: Blooming Landscapes and Festivals

Spring brings vibrant hues of color to Saudi Arabia amidst its sea of brown desert sand. Roses blooming at Yanbu Flower Festival, local golf tournaments and cultural events galore allow visitors to participate in an array of activities during this season. Mecca bustles with activity as Muslims from all around the world visit for Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages – this period offers you the unique chance to experience Saudi culture first-hand while witnessing daily life during an exciting religious celebration!

  • May: Mountain Retreat in Taif

Asir province offers milder temperatures, providing opportunities to explore castles, museums and cultural sites recognized by UNESCO. Stroll through Rijal Almaa for houses decorated with Al-Qatt Al Asiri patterns or visit Taif for its annual rose festival; its festivities feature folk music performances and dance shows!

  • June: Indoor Explorations

June is an ideal month for exploring museums and galleries, water activities, and humidity-induced discomfort. However, these factors make June somewhat unpredictable as well.

  • July: Cool Escapes to Abha

Are you in search of relief from the scorching heat? Head for Abha Mountains; the temperatures here are significantly lower than in Riyadh or other cities, allowing for outdoor excursions without any discomfort in evenings and mornings. These mountains also make an excellent spot for bird-watching, trekking and hiking activities – however if hiking high altitudes, be sure to bring adequate warm clothing.

  • August: Red Sea Adventures

August is an ideal month for exploring Saudi Arabia’s rich natural beauty and cultural heritage. Travel to the Red Sea’s deep blue depths for incredible coral formations and marine life discovery; or head northward to Yanbu Al Nakhal to learn its incredible caravan stop history.

  • September: Vast Desert Landscapes

Those seeking an unforgettable desert kingdom with stunning landscapes, expansive dunes fields and ancient tombs should make September their travel date of choice in Saudi Arabia. Not only is September the cheapest and coolest month, but this period is also when sandstorms tend to be at their least intense level. Now is also an ideal time to visit AlUla, an UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its rock formations and ancient relics that date back to Nabatean kingdom.

  • October: Ancient Najran

Najran is an essential stop for anyone interested in understanding Arabia’s ancient past. Due to its location, Najran became a hub for caravan trade of frankincense and myrrh, connecting ancient world civilizations with Yemen. Archaeological sites like al-Okhdood reveal carvings and artifacts dating back to Byzantine, Umayyad, and Abbasid eras; further evidence that Najran was once an essential trading hub within Arabia.

  • November: Riyadh’s Outdoor Attractions

By November, temperatures have subsided from their summer peak yet remain warm enough to take full advantage of Riyadh’s attractions. Savor delicious dates while diving or swimming in the Red Sea; try your hand at desert camping (kashta), view snow-covered mountains and visit historic sites. The museum in Riyadh should not be missed, with its exhibits of optical illusions that will captivate your senses – vortex tunnels to holograms! 

  • December: Coastal Charms of Khobar

If you want to experience Saudi Arabia without the intense heat, visit during December. With milder temperatures and more comfortable travel conditions than summer, December offers the ideal conditions for exploring its coastal attractions – be it beach time, fresh dates or souk shopping. Khobar, a luxurious coastal city, provides the ideal setting to soak up some sun and taste some of the country’s delectable seafood dishes. A scenic cruise along Arabian Sea provides another fun way to discover this magical city.

Best Cheapest Time to Visit Saudi Arabia

Best Cheapest Time to Visit Saudi Arabia

Traveling on a tight budget? October through February is the optimal time to visit Saudi Arabia. Temperatures remain cool and pleasant, providing ideal conditions for exploring palaces, mosques and historic sites across the kingdom. Additionally, airfare prices drop significantly between October and November – an ideal opportunity to take advantage of lower airfare rates!

Keep in mind that Saudi Arabia’s peak season occurs between April and May when temperatures reach their highest. Millions of pilgrims visit during this time for Hajj, an annual Islamic pilgrimage. Hotels and flights prices tend to increase during these months while travelers should also avoid visiting Empty Quarter as it can become dusty and muddy during this period.

What’s the best time to travel to the beaches in Saudi?

What’s the best time to travel to the beaches in Saudi

Saudi Arabia is best visited during spring or fall when temperatures are comfortable enough for sightseeing and outdoor activities, though winter can also be enjoyable – particularly for those interested in mountainous terrain or desert landscapes.

May is generally warmer than previous months but still comfortably warm, making it the ideal month for beach holidays in Saudi Arabia as well as experiencing its cultural scene in cities and towns.

Summer (June to August) can be brutally hot and should only be visited if prepared to face extreme heat, unavoidable humidity and sky-high prices. But for those willing to brave this heat there are plenty of activities they can enjoy during this period – tasting freshly harvested dates and olives during harvest season, trekking into the mountains for kashta practice, or going scuba diving among many others.

What is the hottest city in Saudi?

What is the hottest city in Saudi

Mecca, Saudi Arabia is home to some of the highest temperatures in Saudi Arabia – sometimes reaching as much as 115 degrees Fahrenheit! This heat can be difficult for pilgrims to bear and has even resulted in deaths; additionally, this extreme climate threatens many small businesses in Mecca as many small businesses suffer due to it.

Mecca lies on a desert plateau and experiences both hot and dry climate conditions year-round, with mild temperatures in winter but scorching heat during summer months. Surrounded by deserts such as An Nafud, Ad-Dahna and Rub’ al Khali it makes up one of the hottest cities on Earth.

Mecca may be famous for its scorching heat, but that doesn’t stop its beauty from shining through. Aside from historical landmarks and attractions like the Great Mosque and Mount Arafat, this city serves as an important location where many Muslims travel for pilgrimage purposes.

What is the average temperature in Saudi?

Saudi Arabia typically has warm to hot temperatures throughout the year. Temperatures can vary significantly across its vast territory. Therefore, visitors planning to travel during the peak summer months should take precautions against excessive heat.

Summers are quite hot, ranging from 81 °F (27 °C) to 110 °F (43 °C) typically in most areas. Still the average temperatures you will find in Jeddah and Al-Dammām December – February are from 63 °F (17 °C) to 74 °F (23 °C).

Average temperatures in Riyadh are 58 °F (14 °C) in winter, and AlUla offers ideal temperatures for exploring remote desert areas or wellness retreats, as well as attending social events and festivals organized by the municipalities of Riyadh and Aloula.


Saudi Arabia is best visited during wintertime when temperatures are milder; this provides ideal conditions for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts to experience its vibrant culture and enjoy leisure activities like beachfront volleyball. Fall and spring are both excellent times to visit Saudi Arabia, with weather usually being moderate enough for exploring historic sites and attractions as well as tasting local cuisines.

Keep this in mind when planning a visit to Saudi Arabia: it is a Muslim country and all its citizens must abide by Islamic Sharia Law. Therefore, all visitors should dress modestly and respect cultural traditions. Also bring plenty of sun protection measures like sun hats and sunscreen with you and avoid drinking alcohol in public spaces.

Peak tourist season runs from November to March, when temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities and cultural events take place, while hotels also tend to offer discounted room rates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Saudi Arabia safe to visit?

Saudi Arabia is generally safe for most visitors, but visitors should keep in mind the country has stringent laws which must be observed. For instance, taking photos without consent without prior approval could incur a fine; wearing tight clothing in public and using offensive hand gestures are also against the law and can incur fines.

Is it safe to explore Saudi Arabia beyond major cities?

What time of year it is safest to explore Saudi Arabia outside major cities depends entirely on the season: early spring and late fall are ideal, since temperatures tend to remain more comfortable; summer can get too hot, particularly for traveling to more arid destinations such as Yanbu or Jeddah. Also keep in mind that Saudi Arabia has extremely stringent drug laws, making possession, trafficking or trafficking of drugs illegal; those breaking these rules face severe punishment including prison or even the death penalty.

Can Americans visit Saudi Arabia?

American travelers can travel safely to Saudi Arabia as long as they adhere to local rules and laws, such as not bringing drugs, weapons, alcohol or pork products into the country – more information can be obtained through their embassy and travel agent.

How can I get a visit visa for Saudi Arabia?

Applying for a visit visa to Saudi Arabia is relatively straightforward. You will need to fill out an application form with personal and traveller details as well as your passport photo, answer a series of questions about your intentions and travel purpose, and answer questions regarding intent of travel – be honest as lying can lead to visa denial.

Can I visit Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, and what should I keep in mind?

Ramadan is an important and spiritually significant month for Muslims worldwide, providing a time for reflection, self-discipline, and communal harmony – making this festival an amazing experience for travellers wanting to immerse themselves in Saudi Arabia culture. However, visitors should be mindful of rules and traditions during this time as it involves abstaining from eating and drinking during daylight hours as well as stores shutting their doors or having limited operating hours during this period.

What are the must-visit cultural festivals in Saudi Arabia?

Experience Saudi Arabian culture first-hand during AlUla Season (October-February), when Saudi Arabian oases come alive with art, music, fashion and food displays set against an unforgettable desert backdrop. Enjoy the vibrant culture scene during events such as MDLBeast music festival, Islamic Arts Biennale and Red Sea International Film Festival. Janadriyah National Festival is the greatest celebration of Saudi culture and heritage, hosting activities ranging from folklore art shows to poetry reciting, camel racing and folklore art displays.

What should I wear when visiting religious sites in Saudi Arabia?

While visiting religious sites, it is essential to dress in modest attire and cover your head. Women should avoid deep necklines, slits and form-fitting fabrics; scarf or shawl may be useful when necessary for covering their heads when necessary. Men should wear loose cotton shirts and pants along with light jackets as an additional precaution.

What are the best water activities along the Red Sea coast?

From scuba diving to kayaking, there is an array of water activities to make your Red Sea trip one to remember. With its beautiful marine life and picturesque coastlines, Red Sea trips are perfect for photographers as well as sun worshipers looking for relaxation.

How can I optimize my budget while exploring Saudi Arabia?

If you want to save on flights, booking them early can help avoid sudden surges of airfare during peak seasons and secure better deals. Saudi Arabia can be an expensive place to travel. But you can reduce expenses by planning and opting out of costly activities, packing smartly, and adhering to local customs – these strategies will all help lower spending while exploring this kingdom.


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