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Best Time to Visit Romania

If you are planning a trip to Romania, you may be wondering what is the best time to visit. Whether you are traveling to the country for business or pleasure, you may want to choose the months in which you will experience the best weather. Here are a few suggestions. If you are traveling with your family or friends, a summer or fall visit may be the perfect choice.

Best Time to Go to Romania


When is the Best Time to Visit Romania? – Month by Month Guide

Visiting Romania in January

Visiting Romania in January is not the same as visiting Romania in the summer or in the winter. Depending on the type of activities you’ll be doing, you’ll want to choose the best time of year to go. You’ll also want to consider the climate of the area you’re visiting. You’ll find that different seasons offer different kinds of weather and experiences. For example, if you plan to visit Bucharest, you may want to plan your trip for January, when most people are on vacation.

Visiting Romania in January will allow you to experience an authentic way of life in the country. You’ll also get a chance to travel in 4-wheel-drive vehicles and stop for photographs of the countryside. Then, you’ll have the chance to explore one of Romania’s most scenic regions, the Maramures, where the winter landscapes and people make for excellent photo opportunities.

Visiting Romania in January is a good option for travelers on a budget. Despite the fact that it is winter, temperatures are still quite reasonable. You can enjoy some excellent skiing during the cold months, especially in the mountains. However, it’s important to keep in mind that temperatures may vary depending on the region and the altitude.

Visiting Romania in February

Visiting Romania in February means less rain and more sunshine. The days are longer and warmer, and you can enjoy the city’s many terraces and parks. It is a great time to travel on a budget, but bring warm clothes and good waterproofs. This is also the perfect time to see Romania’s many spring traditions and buy authentic souvenirs. In addition, Romanians celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14.

There are many guesthouses and hotels in Romania’s tourist areas, which often have a unique character. From old boyar manors to restored village houses, there are many accommodations that are both charming and affordable. You can stay at a charming guesthouse if you want to enjoy a traditional Romanian experience and see the country’s beautiful landscapes. Some of these accommodations are family-owned and even offer home-cooked meals. Be sure to read reviews before booking a room at one of these properties to be sure that you’ll have a pleasant experience.

The weather in Romania is unpredictable throughout the year, but despite its cold climate, the country is still an ideal travel destination. Temperatures in Bucharest in January can fall to -28degC, or -4degF. Although temperatures are not always as cold as they are in the summer, January and February are excellent months to visit Romania’s ski resorts.

Visiting Romania in March

March is a great time to visit Romania. The weather is mild for most parts of the country, but temperatures can drop significantly in the mountains. In general, temperatures in March are between 32degF and 52degC. This means that if you’re looking to enjoy a little skiing, this would be the ideal time to visit.

If you’re looking for a more adventurous trip, consider hiking the Fagaras Mountain Trail, one of the longest high-mountain traverses in Europe. The trail passes over the peaks of Moldoveanu, Negoiu, and Vista Mare. If you’d rather be a little more laid-back, consider staying in the medieval city of Sibiu. This beautiful city has medieval charm, great food, and plenty of green space. While you’re there, try to check out its Citadel and Brukenthal Museum.

Romania is a safe country to visit. Despite the recent events, local authorities and the tourism industry predict a strong tourism recovery in 2022. Inflation is expected to remain above the EU average in 2022, though food and fuel prices are likely to increase.

Visiting Romania in April

Visiting Romania in April means milder temperatures and fewer crowds. The country is also less snowy and slushy, making it the perfect time for hikers. The country’s countryside is a living history museum, with small villages tucked into the hillsides and a peaceful archaic way of life. The country is divided into three regions, each with its own flavor and culture.

If you’re planning on visiting Romania in the springtime, it’s time to start packing! Visiting Romania during this month gives you an opportunity to see its springtime blossoms. The country’s weather is also perfect for sightseeing and enjoying the beaches. Although it’s rainy in April, temperatures rise by the end of the month. Visiting Romania in April can be a great time to take part in spring festivals, as well as celebrate the country’s Easter celebrations.

Visiting Romania in May

Visiting Romania in May offers you an opportunity to enjoy the country’s warm weather, beautiful scenery, and friendly people. Most people are extremely hospitable and speak English well. If you’re not comfortable speaking the language, there are plenty of locals who will help you navigate the country. You may even get the chance to tour the country with a local if you don’t feel comfortable taking public transportation.

Although May is considered shoulder season, it is still warm enough to enjoy outdoor attractions. The weather is generally comfortable, though May is one of the wettest months. Make sure you plan your itinerary accordingly. The average temperature ranges between 52-75 degrees Fahrenheit and 11-24 degrees Celsius. This makes it an excellent time to take part in outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking.

While the temperatures are warm in the spring, they’re still quite cool in the summer. If you’re interested in exploring Romania’s natural landscapes and taking a hiking trip, this is the perfect time to visit. Visiting Romania in May will allow you to see some of the country’s most breathtaking sights and avoid the crowds. It’s also one of the shoulder months before the European holidays, so you can travel to Romania at a relaxed pace.

Visiting Romania in June

Visiting Romania in June can be a great time to enjoy the country’s warm weather. The temperatures are mild, the days are still long, and the occasional bit of rain will fall. The countryside will be green and lush, and you can experience fresh local fruits and vegetables. It will also be less crowded than in mid-June to mid-August. Plus, since the summer tourist season is over, the prices will be lower.

The geography of Romania is diverse and rich, with beautiful mountains and lush countryside areas. There are many unique guesthouses and charming villages spread throughout the country. Choose your accommodation carefully, based on its location. You can stay in old boyar manors, restored village houses, and modern villas built with EU funds.

If you are planning a family vacation in Romania, June is an ideal time to travel. The weather is warm with sunny, cloudy days. Temperatures in the region range from 14 degrees Celsius to a balmy 27 degrees. Visiting Romania in June will allow you to enjoy some of the local traditions, like the summer solstice celebration.

Visiting Romania in July

Visiting Romania in July is a great time to travel to the country. The country enjoys a warm climate, with temperatures averaging over 30 degC, and only two rainy days. Visiting Romania in July can be a great way to enjoy the country’s beaches. Temperatures can be hot and humid, especially in Bucharest.

While drinking water in Romania is generally safe, it is important to purify or boil water if you are unfamiliar with its quality. There are also emergency numbers that are easily accessible from any phone. You can also find a 24-hour pharmacy in most towns and cities. While it is best to avoid taking too many prescriptions, they do have a number of over-the-counter medications, including antibiotics.

The safety of Romanians is an excellent reason for tourists to visit. The country does not suffer from violence, and there are no reported cases of terror attacks or violent protests. Firearms are strictly regulated in Romania, so there are no crazy people with guns to worry about. Even if there are protests in the country, they are usually peaceful and inspirational. If you want to avoid trouble, don’t go to a city with an active protest scene.

Visiting Romania in August

Visiting Romania in August is the perfect time to visit the country, as the weather remains warm. During the daytime, the temperature is around twenty-four degrees, and at night, the temperature drops to thirteen degrees. However, you should keep in mind that the country can get quite cold in the mountains and that a bit of rain is quite possible. Regardless, August is a good time to travel to Romania, as it’s a great time for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

August is the busiest month for tourism in Romania, and it’s important to book your accommodation in advance. Although Romania’s summer temperatures are pleasant, you should pack warm clothing, especially if you’re visiting the city. You’ll want to choose comfortable shoes to wear while sightseeing. Because it’s not a beach city, you’ll want to pack some warm clothes for the daytime and make sure to bring along a few pairs of rainproof boots.

August is also ideal for beach vacations in the Black Sea. The weather is warm enough for swimming and tanning, and you’ll be able to avoid the crowds. Generally, you’ll find the best beaches between 15 July and 20 August. You’ll find the most sun during this time, and the water temperature is perfect. Moreover, the weather is mostly sunny, so you’ll be able to take advantage of the great outdoor activities and enjoy the sunshine.

Visiting Romania in September

Visiting Romania in September is the perfect time to see the country’s stunning scenery and warm autumn temperatures. The country is known for its forested region of Transylvania, ringed by the Carpathian Mountains. The country is full of fortified castles and churches, as well as countless medieval towns. The country is also home to the Bran Castle, which is associated with the Dracula legend. You can also see the gigantic Communist-era government building in the capital, Bucharest.

Visiting Romania in September is considered to be the shoulder season, so prices are generally cheaper than in other months. The weather in September is perfect for sightseeing and enjoying the fall produce in local markets. The temperatures are warm, ranging from 51 degrees to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and rainfall is relatively low. While it can be chilly on the coasts, the rest of the country is still relatively warm. If you’re planning to visit Romania during this season, it’s a great idea to book your accommodation early.

If you’re a nature lover, you can also experience the vibrant fall foliage in Romania by hiking. You can either take a day hike or participate in a multi-day supported trek that includes stays in picturesque mountain villages. Romania is home to the Carpathians, the largest mountain range in Europe, but there are also smaller pockets of mountainous terrain in other parts of the country. While you’re in Romania, you can also enjoy birdwatching in the Danube Delta and a bit of beach time on the Black Sea coast.

Visiting Romania in October

One of Europe’s southeastern countries, Romania is known for its forested region of Transylvania, ringed by the Carpathian Mountains. The country has a rich history and beautiful landscapes, including medieval towns and fortified castles. You can see the Bran Castle, which is associated with the Dracula legend, and visit the Communist-era government building in Bucharest.

Visiting Romania in October can be a beautiful way to experience the country’s fall colors. The country is surprisingly green, and it’s a stunning location to view fall foliage. The landscape is also home to some of the country’s painted monasteries. There are many places to stay in the countryside, including charming guesthouses.

Depending on your travel style and what you’re hoping to see, you’ll need to figure out the best time to visit Romania. The best time to visit is early autumn, from September through October. The fall foliage in Romania is spectacular, and temperatures are warm for some days but chilly on others. Be sure to pack layers of clothing so you can stay comfortable.

Visiting Romania in November

Visiting Romania in November is a great time to explore the country’s beautiful fall foliage. It’s also a relatively inexpensive time of year. While November is chilly, temperatures are not as low as they are in other months of the year. Average temperatures range between 35 and 50degF. You may want to bring some warm clothes, including warm boots.

Visiting Romania in November is a great time to visit the country’s cities and towns. The towns of Transylvania are perfect for those interested in medieval architecture and history, while cities like Bucharest and Brașov provide lively nightlife. Visitors can also visit Bran Castle, the setting of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula.

Romanians are generally conservative and adhere to traditional values. Most Romanians are Orthodox. Orthodox churches have a great deal of influence in Romania’s smaller communities. Although public displays of affection are considered acceptable in Romanian churches, same-sex relationships can be controversial in some parts.

Visiting Romania in December

Visiting Romania in December means experiencing the country’s traditional Christmas food, including the traditional brioche bread filled with chocolate and walnut spread. The country also offers many deep-fried doughnuts, known as papanasi. These are made from a special dough enriched with cheese and topped with strawberry jam or sour cream. There is also blueberry vodka, which is very popular in the country. It is also possible to sample the country’s wine, which is also famous worldwide.

The best time to visit Romania is based on your interest. If you’d like to see the country’s beautiful scenery, a trip in April or May is ideal. The weather is mild in summer, but colder and chilly in winter. If you’re planning a hike, be aware that winter can be extremely cold in the country’s mountains. It is also important to wear warm and waterproof boots for the weather.

While visiting Romania in December, make sure you bring warm clothes to keep yourself warm. Romania has cold winters, and you’ll need a big coat to keep you warm. You’ll also want to wear smart clothes, as you’ll want to look your best for parties and other formal occasions. You can also expect rain in December, so make sure your clothing is waterproof.


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