United StatesHawaiiBest Time to Visit Honolulu, Hawaii

Best Time to Visit Honolulu, Hawaii

Whenever you decide to visit Honolulu Hawaii, you may want to know what the best time is to go. This can depend on your interests, whether you’re planning to enjoy the sand or go hiking. It can also depend on the cost of your trip.

Best Time to Go to Honolulu


When is the Best Time to Visit Honolulu? – Month by Month Guide

Visiting Honolulu in January

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in January can be a wonderful experience. The city is decked out in festive lights and fun events. The city is still warm enough to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the ocean.

Hawaii in January is also less crowded than the holiday season. This allows you to get a better deal on hotels. Some hotels even offer reduced rates to attract visitors. You can even save money by booking a hotel near the airport.

Hawaii has a lot of outdoor activities to choose from. There are some great surfing events that take place throughout the state. Hawaii also has some excellent botanical gardens. These are a great way to see a variety of colorful flowers.

Hawaii in January also has some of the best winter weather in the US. Although winters can be rainy, the weather is usually mild. Hawaii has an average daily temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, Hawaii has an average rainfall of 9 inches in January. The rain is not too heavy, but it’s still a good idea to pack some rain gear for outdoor activities.

Visiting Honolulu in February

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in February will be an experience of a lifetime. The temperatures are warm and the weather is perfect for relaxation and exploring the native Hawaiian culture. This is the perfect time to visit the Islands for the first time, and you will be able to avoid the crowded and touristy areas.

The average high temperature in February is 71 degrees, and the average low is 66 degrees. The weather is much cooler in the North Shore, where you can find calmer water and less rain.

The Polynesian Cultural Center showcases the culture of the Islands with a fascinating pageant. The site also includes canoe tours and trips to the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, and Lanai.

It is also possible to get a glimpse of the whales in Hawaii. The islands of Hawaii are home to many humpback whales. They migrate to Honolulu in April and May, and you may be lucky enough to spot one.

Aside from surfing and whale watching, you can also enjoy some snorkeling and boogie boarding. The plethora of fish that you can catch in the Hawaiian Islands is second to none.

Visiting Honolulu in March

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in March can be a little bit warmer than the summer months. It also means there are less rain showers. That’s a plus, especially for snorkeling. But if you’re thinking of surfing, you’ll want to go in April or May. The North Shore gets huge waves. During these months, surfers flock to the shore to catch the waves.

It’s also a good time to take a tour of the island. You can book a tour that’s both fun and educational.

While you’re visiting Honolulu, you can also take in the sights at the Polynesian Cultural Center. This complex showcases Hawaiian culture and is a great place to learn the art of Polynesian dance. You can also go on canoe tours.

Hawaii’s weather is pretty consistent throughout the year. During the spring months, you’ll find highs in the mid to high-80s and lows in the low 70s. The ocean will be warm, but the air temperatures are still a bit cooler.

It’s also the time of year when humpback whales migrate to the Hawaiian Islands. The best time to see whales is between November and May.

Visiting Honolulu in April

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in April can be an enjoyable experience. However, if you’re looking to avoid crowded beachfront resorts and high hotel rates, you may want to consider traveling at a different time. This is especially true if you’re looking to take advantage of the milder weather.

If you’re looking for a sunny beach vacation, June is a great time to visit Hawaii. This is the month that the humpback whales begin to make their annual migration to Hawaii. The best time to catch them is in the middle of the month.

If you’re looking for something more exciting, you may want to try your hand at boogie boarding. You’ll be able to find some excellent surf along the North Shore during this time.

For some reason, April is the slowest month for tourist traffic in Hawaii. Besides, there is only a few festivals going on in this month. You’ll also notice a decrease in hotel rates.

The Polynesian Cultural Center is a great place to visit. You can learn about the local culture, watch a Polynesian dance, and even participate in canoe tours. This attraction is the perfect way to spend an afternoon in Honolulu Hawaii.

Visiting Honolulu in May

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in May is a great time to visit the Hawaiian Islands. While the rest of the country may be cold and rainy, Hawaii enjoys the warmest weather of the year.

May also signals the beginning of Hawaii’s dry season. It’s also a great time to visit Hawaii if you want to avoid the crowds and price of a high season.

Hawaii does rain, but the amount is less than in the winter months. However, the weather can change dramatically. The islands can experience heavy rains and big storms in the winter and summer months.

May is a good month to visit Honolulu Hawaii if you’re a beach lover. The ocean is less crowded, and the water is still warm enough to enjoy snorkeling. Surfing is still fun, too.

The best time to see whales in Hawaii is between November and May. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration conducts annual Sanctuary Ocean Counts during this time. When whales are at their peak, the prices of tickets are low.

You can also enjoy boogie boarding and surfing in April. However, the surf is larger and rougher in the winter months.

Visiting Honolulu in June

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in June is a great time to enjoy the island. The weather is still warm, the crowds are not as large, and the hotels are not charging as much.

The biggest variable in Hawaii is rain. Although there are no hard and fast rules, the weather is usually better in May and September than in June and July.

The best time to visit Hawaii is during the shoulder seasons, such as mid-April to mid-June and mid-September to mid-December. These months are also when hotel rates and airfares are least expensive.

Although the average high in June is 86 degrees, the average low is just 70 degrees. The rainiest month of the year in Hawaii is January.

While May is a good time to visit Hawaii, it is also a slow month. The biggest benefit of visiting Honolulu Hawaii in June is that the crowds are less. The summer crowds leave the islands after the school year ends.

The Lantern Floating Ceremony on Memorial Day is a great way to honor those who gave their lives for our country. There are also plenty of festivals.

Visiting Honolulu in July

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in July can be a wonderful experience. The climate is warm and sunny. However, it is important to book your accommodations early. This is because the weather is subject to change.

The best time to visit Honolulu Hawaii in July is in early June. You will have a chance to enjoy the warm weather and avoid the crowds.

Surfing is also very enjoyable in this time of year. The north shore is busy with huge surfing tournaments. You can also enjoy boogie boarding, swimming, and snorkeling.

Another good time to visit Honolulu Hawaii is in May. Room rates are less expensive. There are also fewer visitors. This is also a great time to see the whales. During this time, the ocean is still cool enough for snorkeling.

This is also a good time to visit Hawaii because the weather is relatively dry. However, it is important to know that there are some storms in Hawaii throughout the year.

The average high in June is 88 degrees. The average low is 72 degrees. The rainiest month in Hawaii is November.

Visiting Honolulu in August

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in August is a great time to travel. The weather is warm and pleasant, and the beaches are not as crowded. The hotels are less expensive.

The most popular times to visit Hawaii are during the high season and low season. The high season runs from December through March, and the low season runs from September through early December. The weather in Hawaii is great throughout the year, with warm temperatures and few rainstorms.

The rainy season in Hawaii runs from November through March, with an average of two to three inches of rain per month. It is usually short and localized. On the windward side of the islands, the rainy season is longer.

The warmest months in Hawaii are in the late spring and summer. The average daytime temperature is usually in the mid to high 80s. The lows are generally in the 70s.

Summer is the second busiest season for tourist traffic in Hawaii. The weather is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. In the summer months, many families come to Hawaii on a summer break. After school resumes, the crowds leave.

Visiting Honolulu in September

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in September is the perfect time to experience the culture, food, and adventure that Hawaii has to offer. It is also a great time to travel because the prices are lower and the weather is perfect for swimming and beach activities. The weather is usually mild, and there are few rainy days.

Although Hawaii is an island paradise, it can get cold at times. You may want to pack a couple of layers of clothing.

The Aloha Festivals kick off in September and run through mid-October. These festivals celebrate the Hawaiian culture and cuisine. Some of the events include dances, traditional music, and hula competitions. They end with a Floral Parade in Waikiki.

The Aloha Festivals are also the beginning of the Hawaiian surf season. Surfers flock to the beaches in Oahu and Kauai, where the water is warm and the waves are big. The beaches on Lanai are perfect for snorkeling.

Visiting Honolulu in October

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in October is an ideal time to experience the islands. The temperatures are warm, the air is cool, and the beaches are not as crowded. You can visit the beaches, explore the island, and enjoy some fun activities.

October is a transition month between the high season and low season. The weather is warm enough for a bit of surfing, but the ocean temperatures are still cool enough for snorkeling.

The ocean temperatures in October in Hawaii range from 77degF to 81degF on the Big Island. On Oahu, the water temperatures remain in the low 70s F. It’s a great time to surf, snorkel, or just enjoy the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

You might want to consider renting an apartment instead of a hotel room. The rates for an apartment are usually lower. You can also book several rooms in a hostel for a cheaper price.

Hawaii is a sunny island, but the weather can be unpredictable. You can expect a lot of rain during the winter months. You’ll have better luck finding average weather if you stay two weeks or more in the islands.

Visiting Honolulu in November

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in November may not be as exciting as visiting in the spring, but you can still enjoy some great weather. This month is ideal for surfing, swimming and snorkeling. You will also have a chance to see whales.

Hawaii is known for its alluring shopping scene. During this time of year, you can find some great deals on luxury Hawaiian resorts. You should also check out the Hilo Farmers’ Market, as this is a great place to find some unique souvenirs.

Hawaii has warm temperatures year round. Although this can lead to occasional rain showers, it’s rare for the weather to drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also have a chance to enjoy some of the islands’ most stunning sunsets.

This is also the best time to see the Hawaiian Volcanoes. The volcanoes are located in Waipio Valley and Akaka Falls State Park. This is also the month for the Honolulu Brewers Festival, as there are over 100 craft beers to sample. This is also a great time to check out the Diamond Head State Monument.

Visiting Honolulu in December

Visiting Honolulu Hawaii in December can be a great experience. This is a time when the weather is the best and the hotels are not as crowded. If you’re planning on surfing, this is the best time to visit Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Islands are a popular tropical destination for holiday vacations. The islands are warm year-round and offer a variety of activities. You can find beaches with warm temperatures and sunny days. The islands are also home to Pacific humpback whales, which migrate to the islands during the spring and summer.

If you’re looking for more active activities, you can try boogie boarding, snorkeling, and swimming. You’ll also find a variety of festivals to attend. These festivals can change from year to year.

If you’re traveling in Hawaii in December, you should carry a light rain jacket. It can get chilly in the evenings. During hurricane season, the weather can be especially stormy. It is rare for a major hurricane to cause any major damage.


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