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Best Time to Visit Dubai, UAE

Depending on your travel preferences, the best time to visit Dubai might be in the spring or in the autumn. Both seasons are incredibly beautiful, but it can be hard to decide which is the best time for you. Fortunately, we’ve put together a few tips to help you make your decision.

Best Time to Go to Dubai


When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai? – Month by Month Guide

Visiting Dubai in January

Visiting Dubai in January is an excellent choice for adventure enthusiasts, families and those who prefer a cooler climate. The average temperatures are comfortable. During the day, it is warm enough to swim, while evenings and nights are relatively chilly. Besides, the weather is ideal for strolling around the city centre.

In addition, there are several attractions that are open in January. Among them, the Atlantis Aquaventure is a must-visit water park. The park offers thrilling water rides, access to a private beach and plenty of fun activities.

Another exciting experience is dining in the sky. This unique dining experience is located 50 meters above the ground. Guests get to enjoy a wide range of mouth-watering dishes.

Another thing to check out is the Dubai Miracle Garden. This is a cultural tourism project that showcases the culture of 90 different countries. It also offers live shows and shopping.

Aside from sightseeing, you can also enjoy the desert landscapes of Dubai. A hot air balloon ride is a great way to experience the landscapes. You can also take a desert safari.

Visiting Dubai in February

Visiting Dubai in February offers several exciting events. In addition to the usual Dubai sightseeing, February also provides great opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. This is especially true if you are an adventure lover. You can go on a desert safari, skydive, or have a dhow cruise experience.

The weather conditions in February are generally favorable. Although the temperature in Dubai can get hot, you can easily find ways to beat the heat.

While in Dubai, you can also check out the Burj Khalifa, one of the world’s tallest buildings. The observation deck offers breathtaking views of Dubai. The building is also home to the world’s largest aquarium.

You can also check out the world’s largest virtual reality theme park. You can even have a fun two-hour yacht rental package. Besides, Dubai offers a variety of culinary experiences.

You can also check out the annual Dubai Shopping Festival. This festival provides discounts for a wide range of products. It is a great chance to buy local and international brands at discounted rates.

Visiting Dubai in March

Visiting Dubai in March is a great time to enjoy a great break. There are numerous activities and attractions that are sure to entertain you and your family.

March is also known for its mild weather. You will enjoy less humid conditions in Dubai in March. This is perfect for taking photos, exploring the city, and shopping. There are also less crowds at the most popular attractions.

Although the weather is pleasant in March, you may still need to wear sunblock or other protective clothing to avoid getting sunburned. It is also important to check out what acts are forbidden in public areas. It is best to stay away from kissing, hugging, and chewing gum. These offenses are considered serious offenses in public decency.

Dubai is home to several luxury hotels, as well as shopping malls. You can find many stores offering discounts during the winter season. In addition, hotel rates drop significantly in the summer season.

If you want to visit Dubai in March, you will find that the climate is perfect for swimming and water activities. In fact, the sea temperatures are still high.

Visiting Dubai in April

Visiting Dubai in April is a good idea if you want to avoid the stifling heat of the summer months. This is a mild month, with average temperatures averaging around 25 degrees Celsius. It is still warm enough to enjoy outdoor activities.

April is a perfect time to visit Dubai if you want to avoid the crowds and the stifling heat of the summer months. It is also a great month to visit Dubai if you are interested in shopping. You will find a good selection of outdoor souks and indoor malls.

One of the most interesting attractions in Dubai is the Dubai Frame. It is a 93-meter wide tower, made up of two towers connected by a bridge. You can view the city from this tower.

April is also a great time to go skydiving. The weather is great for swimming at the sea. However, if you have a tough time with the heat, you may want to find a good indoor activity.

The Global Village festival is also held in April. This event is held over two days and offers many different activities.

Visiting Dubai in May

Visiting Dubai in May is ideal for those who want to have a leisurely vacation and enjoy some outdoor activities. This month is also perfect for those who want to experience the culture and traditions of the city.

Dubai offers several outdoor activities, including water sports. You can try jet-skiing, kayaking and swimming in the sea. There are also plenty of parks to choose from. The Burj Khalifa is a popular attraction, and you can see it from the water. You can also visit the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island.

May is also a great time to visit Dubai’s theme parks, and you can get great discounts on airfare, hotel accommodations, and theme parks. You can also find special offers for safaris and major landmarks.

You can also enjoy the Dubai Fountain show, which is held every day at 1:30 pm. The water in the fountain reaches a height of 900 feet. You can view the show from the boat or from the tram station on the Palm Jumeirah.

You can also visit the Burj Khalifa Sky Deck, which is a glass bridge that connects the two towers. The views are stunning, and you will get to see the modern Dubai and historic landmarks.

Visiting Dubai in June

Visiting Dubai in June can be a pleasant experience as the temperatures in the month are much less hot than in the hot months of May or August. This means that you can avoid the crowds and enjoy the tranquil sightseeing.

Dubai has plenty to offer to visitors, no matter what time of year you visit. The city is known for its great man-made architecture, its many museums and its many attractions. There are also many outdoor theme parks that are popular with locals and visitors alike.

Dubai has several souks, or markets, where people can buy everything from textiles to precious metals. These are crowded during the day, but are much less crowded at night.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world, with an elevation of 828 meters. This building offers a panoramic view of the Dubai city. The Burj is best viewed at sunrise, when the temperature is cool.

The Dubai Garden Glow is a unique family attraction. It features light sculptures and live music performances. Among other things, it contains the largest suspended aquarium in the world.

Visiting Dubai in July

Visiting Dubai in July is a good idea if you are looking to take advantage of the sultry weather and enjoy the best attractions and entertainment options the city has to offer. July is not as crowded as the rest of the year, and you can expect uncrowded beaches and great shopping opportunities.

July is one of the hotter months of the year in Dubai, but it is also one of the cheapest. Hotels are usually on the cheaper side in July, and you can find some great deals on flights.

There are many indoor attractions in Dubai to check out during your visit. For instance, the Dubai Dolphinarium is a great place to bring the kids. The aquarium features a giant tank and underwater zoo. There is also a seal and dolphin show, and a variety of fun activities for kids.

During your visit to Dubai, you can also check out the Garden Glow, a light-based theme park. It is best to visit it after sunset.

In addition to the Garden Glow, there is also the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, which is also a great place to visit in July. The 163-storey building has a number of observation decks.

Visiting Dubai in August

Visiting Dubai in August is an exciting time for many reasons. This is the peak season for tourists and there is a plethora of entertainment to choose from. There are also great hotel deals and discounted rates. Visiting Dubai in August is perfect for family holidays, romantic getaways, and single journeys. There are also plenty of activities to keep you busy when you’re not in the sun.

Dubai is known for its stunning architectural wonders. It is the home of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. There are also some incredible theme parks. These include Ski Dubai, which features a full-fledged snow park.

Other indoor activities include museums, art galleries, and aquariums. Dubai also offers outdoor activities like quad biking. This is especially popular in the evenings. The beaches are also very cool during the summer.

There are several indoor venues that offer air-conditioning. You should bring along loose-fitting clothing, sunscreen, and hats to protect you from the sun. It is best to dress in light-weight sandals. Taking a swim is also a good option during the summer months.

Visiting Dubai in September

Visiting Dubai in September offers a unique experience. The city sees fewer visitors and offers discounts on flights and hotels. The weather is still warm, but the temperatures are not as intense as in summer. It is also a good time to see the city’s cultural offerings, including the city’s museums, concerts, and festivals.

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with a rich history and a modern infrastructure. It is home to several museums and theme parks. It also has some of the best shopping hubs in the world.

In September, the weather in Dubai is generally warm and sunny. The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, provides an impressive view of the city from its observatory deck. It is also a great place to view the sunset.

Other attractions in Dubai in September include the Lost Chambers Aquarium at Al Habtoor City. You can also explore the Bastakia district, which is one of the oldest parts of the city. Besides, you can go for an interesting cruise along the Dubai Creek in a traditional dhow.

Visiting Dubai in October

Visiting Dubai in October is the best time to avoid the heatwave and enjoy the mild weather. There is a wide range of attractions and activities to enjoy. However, it is important to carry light clothing and proper sun protection to avoid getting tanned.

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a perfect place to enjoy a variety of aquatic animals. There are also a number of water parks in Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, has two observation decks that provide stunning views of the city. There are also many restaurants in Dubai that offer an array of delicious meals.

The Dubai Mall is home to a wide range of shops. You can also explore Dubai’s nightlife. The Dubai Dhow cruise is a great way to enjoy the city’s beauty at night.

The Majestic Hotel Tower is a four star hotel in Dubai. It features an outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace and seven restaurants. It also has free Wi-Fi. It is located in Deira, about a 10-minute drive from Dubai International Airport.

Visiting Dubai in November

Visiting Dubai in November is one of the best months to visit the emirate. The weather is pleasant and mild. There is a slight chance of rain. The days are sunny, and the evenings are cooler. You can enjoy a number of outdoor activities.

One of the best activities is to go on a desert safari. This is an adventure activity that includes dune bashing and BBQ food. You can also go on a Dhow Cruise, which is a relaxing experience.

You can also visit the Ferrari World and the Warner Bros. World in Dubai in November. You can also go on a helicopter tour to get a closer look at Dubai’s landmarks.

November is also a great time to visit Dubai for its airshow. You can also enjoy a hot air balloon ride.

There are a variety of hotels to choose from. They range from budget hotels to luxurious ones. You should plan your itinerary ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Visiting Dubai in December

Visiting Dubai in December is the perfect time to enjoy the festive season in Dubai. There are various festivals, outdoor activities and shopping events held in Dubai in December. These festivals and events offer an opportunity to tourists to explore the city in a more lively way.

The main thing to keep in mind while visiting Dubai in December is to respect the traditions and customs of the country. During this period, you will need to wear comfortable clothes and follow the dress code. It is also advisable to carry sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

If you plan to spend the New Year’s Eve in Dubai, make sure to book your accommodation early to avoid the last minute rush. Many malls offer special events on this occasion. Similarly, the Burj Khalifa offers a light and sound show on New Year’s Eve. The 825 meter tall man-made technical marvel also offers breathtaking views of Dubai.

December is the best time to visit Dubai as it offers great weather for outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy water sports such as scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing and sailing.


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