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Best place to visit in canada for first time


Canada is an expansive nation filled with fascinating sights and activities for everyone to experience. Relax in hot springs, immerse yourself in culture or seek adventure and the best time to visit Canada– there’s something here for everyone in Canada.

Start your trip off right by visiting Toronto, the capital city of Canada. There, you’ll find breathtaking sights like the iconic CN Tower or find mouthwatering restaurants offering tasty cuisine.

Best place to visit in Canada for first time

Vancouver and Toronto offer two great examples of Canadian life. Toronto boasts modern attractions like the CN Tower and St Lawrence Market as well as an acclaimed culinary scene that includes cuisine from all around the world. Vancouver on the other hand combines Hollywood glamour, freewheeling counterculture, nature preservation, and vibrant community spirit – perfect destinations to witness these aspects of Canadian society firsthand!

Canada is best visited during its warmest summer months from June through August when temperatures are ideal for camping, road trips and hiking – as well as seeing wild grizzly bears and caribou! However, Banff National Park remains an idyllic natural playground all year round; during wintertime you can find snowcapped mountains and frozen lakes perfect for skating; making Banff a beautiful and unique experience when it comes to visiting Canada for the first time.

Top 15 best places to visit in Canada for first time

Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta

Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta

Canada is an expansive land of natural beauty and vibrant culture. It makes an ideal travel destination for outdoor adventurers as well as city explorers, with plenty of opportunities for families to bond together and create lasting memories. The Canadian Rockies are an idyllic natural playground, boasting captivating turquoise lakes and snow-capped peaks. Visitors to Banff are treated to world-class skiing as well as other activities like hiking and wildlife viewing, while Lake Louise, located nearby a glacier-fed lake called Moraine Lake, should not be missed as another must-visit location.

Kluane National Park, Yukon

Kluane National Park, Yukon

Located 24.2 million acres deep within Canada’s southwestern Yukon wilderness lies one of its most stunning national parks: one boasting one of the world’s largest non-polar icefields and incredible mountain extremes – not to mention an array of wildlife such as grizzly bears, caribou, dall sheep, moose and wolverines! Visitors can access it via Alaska Highway from Whitehorse or fly directly in and land at Haines Junction airport; hiking and camping are popular activities among many and its spectacular lakes, mountains peaks and glaciers truly amazing scenery make for unforgettable views and experiences!

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island, North America’s largest West Coast island, is an ecological paradise. Enjoy strolling through dense temperate rainforests of moss-draped trees to spot grizzly bears hunting salmon or kayak in protected bays for close encounters with orcas and dolphins, whale watching or visiting Della Falls (one of Canada’s highest waterfalls), hiking scenic trails at Strathcona Provincial Park – Vancouver Island is sure to delight nature enthusiasts of any age!

Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

Cavendish Beach
Cavendish Beach

Prince Edward Island, famous for its sandy beaches and breathtaking red sandstone cliffs, is an idyllic summer vacation spot, providing visitors with something different every time. Take a scenic drive among its rolling green hills or visit Green Gables Heritage Place where author Lucy Maud Montgomery found inspiration to write her classic novel about Anne Shirley.

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland

Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland is an incredible natural site and activity hub, boasting breathtaking landscapes and offering visitors an abundance of activities. Fjords and mountains abound with icebergs, waterfalls, forests, beaches and shifting dunes; in addition to unique plant and animal species only found there. Hiking trails abound here too, including those leading through Tablelands composed of volcanic rocks that appear as though pulled directly from Earth’s mantle. The park offers visitors a host of wildlife encounters, from moose and caribou to Arctic hare and rock ptarmigan sightings. Additionally, visitors can take a boat tour around Western Brook Pond which boasts superior water quality.

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy boasts breathtaking tides that create incredible landscapes. Stay on Campobello Island in an iconic cottage or camp along its rugged shoreline of Grand Manan, or explore Hopewell Rocks during low tide to view their flowerpot rock structures and kayak around them at high tide. Meanwhile, The Fundy Trail Parkway runs along its coast offering beaches, hiking trails and 20 lookout points that offer incredible views.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Yellowknife, located on the northern shores of Great Slave Lake, is a vibrant northern capital where art meets adventure. Visitors can experience its vibrant culture via restaurants, public art (such as a giant wave sculpture) and attractions such as the Great Slave Lake Railway Museum. Yellowknife’s adventure begins outside city limits. Yellowknife serves as the gateway to an expansive wilderness full of trails, lodges and campgrounds – not forgetting winter’s promise of Northern Lights viewing opportunities while engaging in various outdoor activities from snowshoeing to ice fishing or watching an entertaining Polar Bear show at Dene Cultural Center!

The Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

The Muskoka Lakes, Ontario

Vacationing to this lake country region of Ontario cottage country will reveal an array of stunning, mirror-still lakes and pine forests. Fall and summer offer opportunities for tasting tours at orchards and wineries as well as farm-to-table meals; in winter Big White Ski Resort offers skiers their powdered playground.

Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill, Manitoba

Churchill is an oasis on Hudson Bay that boasts some of the cleanest creek water anywhere, polar bears outnumber humans during autumn months, and beluga whales swim throughout summertime. Churchill also stands as an ideal location for Northern Lights viewing in wintertime. Churchill is widely recognized as the Polar Bear Capital of the World and draws visitors for wildlife watching and adventure excursions.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts, offering idyllic coastal environments and intriguing history. Halifax boasts hip cafes and restaurants while further afield lie expansive rocky bays and endless islands. Cultural activities abound in this vibrant city, including art galleries and theaters. 

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is an Ontario megalopolis boasting skyscrapers and urban beauty. Yet nestled amidst its skyline are beautiful green spaces such as High Park and Trinity Bellwoods. There are also cultural neighborhoods offering tasty cuisine such as five-star fusion and peameal bacon sandwiches. Plus you can discover local art at either Royal Ontario Museum or modern art gallery!

CN Tower, Toronto

CN Tower, Toronto

The CN Tower, a bucket list adventure in its own right, stands proudly atop Toronto’s skyline. Boasting three attractions – such as its incredible engineering feat – the tower features the Glass Floor for breathtaking views straight down; take an elevator ride up to SkyPod observation level for unobstructed city views; or experience something even more adventurous by using Edgewalk; this allows visitors to shuffle around its edge securely using an overhead safety rail system.

Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island

As you consider where to visit in Canada, don’t overlook eastern Nova Scotian regions like Cape Breton Island. Cape Breton is famous for its rugged cliffs, scenic Cabot Trail, and rich Mi’kmaq, Acadian, and Gaelic heritage – not forgetting Sydney with its famous music scene and landmark Big Fiddle statue on its waterfront. Additionally, Basin Head’s singing sands can provide a musical delight when the coastal wind blows across them!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg, the capital of Manitoba, is an epicenter for culture on the prairies. Highlights include the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Osborne Village and Exchange District neighborhoods with eclectic shops, historic Fort York and Riding Mountain National Park/Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park just outside of Winnipeg.

Quebec City

Quebec City

Quebec City is an absolute must for history buffs looking for the pulse of regional life. Its centuries-old buildings, cobbled streets and cathedral spires ooze romance, melancholy and eccentricity that rival any European city. And its UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town offers visitors the perfect place to take in fresh baked bread aromas while sipping coffee while discovering street performers, cozy inns, and jazz clubs along the way.

Best places to visit in Canada (Month by Month Guide)

Best places to visit in January Canada

The snow-topped mountains straddling Alberta-British Columbia border inspire both admiration and action. Hiking trails connect with lush wilderness while whitewater rapids and ski slopes provide thrilling mountain experiences for thrill-seeking visitors. Vancouver’s tall buildings are perfectly offset by its towering fir and cedar trees – most notably in Stanley Park. Stanley Park provides the ideal setting for romantic strolls or invigorating hikes alike!

Best places to visit in February Canada

Canada offers some of the finest conditions to witness the Northern Lights during February due to long, nights that provide ideal viewing conditions for this natural phenomenon. Other top locations to witness it include Yellowknife and Whitehorse in Yukon.

Best places to visit in March Canada

Regina Beach offers great family fun. Enjoy a mineral water pool here and even ride a T-Rex model; in addition, watch big-name artists perform at the Edmonton International Jazz Festival. Lover of shopping should visit West Edmonton Mall. Here, they can find everything from luxury retailing to year-round waterpark fun – not forgetting the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center and Gallery of Midnight Sun as well!

Best places to visit in April Canada

Halifax is an appealing coastal city well worth visiting during April, as the climate usually remains mild and there are many activities available, such as touring Peggy’s Cove or strolling along Halifax Waterfront. Montreal is a bustling metropolis known for shopping, restaurants and culture. Take a Montreal food tour customized just for you.

Best places to visit in May in Canada

Ottawa offers the perfect spring experience with over one million tulips being displayed for free at its Canadian Tulip Festival. Take in some sun on Tofino’s sandy beaches or watch icebergs float past on an Iceberg Alley tour, while those seeking culture may wish to visit Quebec City where you will witness its unique blend of Old World European tradition with contemporary Canadian art and architecture on full display.

Best places to visit in June Canada

West of Ottawa you can witness tulips bloom at the annual Ottawa Tulip Festival; further east, Algonquin Provincial Park offers hiking trails through picturesque forests with picturesque lakes where wildlife-spotting, camping and road tripping are just as prevalent. Halifax in Nova Scotia boasts trendy cafes and restaurants while the Bay of Fundy features some of the highest tides in the world, drawing whales such as fin, humpback, and endangered North Atlantic Right Whales to feed at its shores.

Best places to visit in July Canada

Cities offer beautiful parks and gardens bursting with color; Toronto stands out with its fusion cuisine and parks; Ottawa boasts 17th century streets that host annual Tulip Festival; Quebec City is known for its lively art scene while Montreal hosts events such as Just for Laughs or Osheaga festivals – offering something different every summer! Finally, Niagara Falls are an absolute must during summer. 

Best places to visit in August Canada

Quebec City shows its French heritage proudly under summer skies with its cobblestone streets and historic buildings, while Montmorency Falls Park outside offers waterfalls even taller than Niagara. Muskoka also provides ample fishing, boating and camping opportunities while Okanagan Valley is famed for its wineries and fruit orchards.

Best places to visit in September Canada

Canada’s Rocky Mountains can be seen at their finest during September when their golden hued larch forests make for stunning hiking trails. Toronto offers an authentic Canadian experience with its charming pedestrian markets and delectable dining events, plus the star-studded Toronto International Film Festival to meet some of your favourite actors! 

Best places to visit in October Canada

Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains are an absolute must-see during autumn, as their yellow birch and American beech trees explode with vibrant hues. Adventure seekers can take a helicopter ride or zipline tour over this breathtaking region – or simply discover it by foot. If you want a quintessentially Canadian experience it’s also worth taking the CN Tower ride; while staying in Bobcaygeon in Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes region provides ample opportunity for outdoor adventures like kayaking and hiking.

Best places to visit in November Canada

November is an ideal month to visit Canada, as many national parks remain open during this month. Discover Greektown and Little India before heading off to experience iconic Canadian experiences like the CN Tower or Hockey Hall of Fame. Additionally, Mingan Island provides an incredible encounter with nature’s creation – its 450 million year old limestone monoliths.

Best places to visit in December Canada

Halifax offers many attractions for visitors to enjoy, including its world-famous Peggy’s Point Lighthouse and public gardens, waterfront walks, theater performances and concert venues, hiking trails, outdoor recreation opportunities, etc. Those interested in wildlife should visit New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy for an exceptional wildlife viewing experience. Furthermore, Banff and Lake Louise offer numerous outdoor adventure opportunities, including skiing and snowboarding.


Canada is a multicultural nation, which encompasses various races, cultures and languages. Visitors should embrace Canada’s rich diversity while respecting customs traditions and languages of all those they encounter during their stay. Tourists flock to Canada not only for its breathtaking landscapes, but also for the culture and food. Be it Montreal’s bustling restaurants, Toronto’s hip art scene or Thousand Islands’ charming waterfront towns with historic structures; Canada provides endless opportunities for discovery!

First-time visitors to Canada should visit during spring or summer when temperatures are comfortable and the landscape lush with greenery. But since weather can often be unpredictable, visitors should bring layers of clothing in case it snows or rains unexpectedly. Nature enthusiasts must visit Alberta’s Canadian Rockies, where you can hike through stunning mountain scenery and visit charming mountain towns. Plus, elusive mountain animals such as bears and elk can sometimes be spotted roaming freely within Banff National Park – it’s also great for seeing them!


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