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Affordable Beach Vacations Around the World


If you’re looking for some tropical beaches but can’t find them at a reasonable price, consider an island getaway. If you’re traveling with a budget, consider a place like Kauai, Hawaii, where you can get a free shuttle to the airport, as well as 4 restaurants and bars. Plus, you’ll have a private balcony that overlooks the water. Another exotic destination that’s affordable but not luxurious is Belize, a small Central American country with plenty of Mayan history. This friendly country offers beautiful beaches and kayaking, as well as a chance to explore the Lamanai archaeological site.

Koh Rong is a piece of paradise

If you’re looking for a tropical island getaway without breaking the bank, consider Koh Rong in Cambodia. This island has white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. The locals are incredibly friendly and time seems to flow slowly here. If you’re not into the party scene, you can find a quieter place to relax in a hammock.

Koh Rong is 45 minutes from the mainland, making it easy to reach by speedboat. The island has a reputation for being a backpacker’s paradise. While larger hotel chains have snubbed Koh Rong, its small size means that the beaches remain unspoiled. Bungalow facilities dominate the island’s beaches, including Saracan Bay, M’Pei Bay, Lazy Beach, and Sunset Beach.

Manzanillo is a tropical paradise

Travelers who are looking for an affordable tropical beach destination should consider the coastal town of Manzanillo, Mexico. There are several reasons to make Manzanillo your next vacation destination. The beach is uncrowded, the water is cool and the hotels offer all-inclusive packages. The town is also a great place to experience authentic Mexican culture. You can also find cheap flights to Manzanillo.

Sitges is a European beach resort town

If you are planning an inexpensive beach vacation in Europe, Sitges is a great option. This town is known for its golden beaches, which have shallow water and are perfect for swimming. You can find restaurants, shops, and drag queen shows in the town’s center. You can also take a stroll down the streets of the old town and enjoy an afternoon or evening drink on an outdoor terrace.

You’ll be pleased to know that the beaches in Sitges are free. There are several great beaches, including the Platja de la Ribera. This beach is less crowded and features a lifeguard station and a beach bar. The city center is charming, and you can get to the coastline on foot. You can sample the local cuisine and drink your fill of beer while on a budget. Sitges is also close to the Barcelona-El Prat airport.

Aruba is a tropical paradise

The island’s climate makes it a desirable destination for people on a budget, and the weather is pleasant year-round. The most affordable times to visit Aruba are in September and October, when temperatures are cooler, fewer tourists are in town, and lodging rates are lower. The island has plenty of activities are available year-round. During these shoulder seasons, lodging rates are significantly lower than during the peak season.

The island has a rich and diverse landscape. In addition to beautiful beaches, Aruba has a stunning rain forest and a rugged northern shore. If you want to explore the area further, head up to the Arikok National Park, which stretches along the country’s north eastern shore. There are plenty of other activities to keep you busy while you’re on vacation in Aruba, too.

Langkawi is an archipelago of 99 islands

Located in the northwest corner of Malaysia, Langkawi is a stunning blend of limestone ridges and lush paddy fields. Two-thirds of the island is covered in limestone ridges, while the remaining third is dense jungle. The island’s famous crab-eating macaque can be found at the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park. Although the island has 99 islands, only four of them are inhabited.

The best time to visit Langkawi is during the dry season between December and March, when the flowers bloom and the sea breeze keeps temperatures low. The wettest season is from August to October, when heavy, noisy monsoon rains fall. If you’re staying at a hotel or resort, check to see if they’re closed during Ramadan. Otherwise, you can shop for gifts at local markets and boutiques.

Nags Head is a North Carolina beach resort town

If you’re looking for a family-friendly destination in North Carolina, Nags Head is worth considering. This small beach town is known for its natural beauty and late 19th-century architecture. The beach is home to Jockey’s Ridge State Park, which features the tallest living sand dune system in the eastern U.S. The park is also home to several beaches, a boardwalk, and hang-gliding. In addition, Nags Head is close to the Wright Brothers National Memorial, located in nearby Kill Devil Hills. If you’re looking for a beach vacation that’s full of fun, Nags Head is the place for you.

There are several things to do in Nags Head, such as surfing. The town is also home to a popular lighthouse, which is only a few minutes away from the Blue Heron Motel. You can explore the area and see a famous lighthouse, such as Bodie Island. If you’re looking for a beach vacation that won’t break your budget, Nags Head is a great place to go.

Corfu is a Greek island

Corfu has a Mediterranean climate with an average daily temperature of 10 degrees Celsius (21 degrees Fahrenheit) in January and 25 degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit) in August. The island experiences the same amount of rainfall throughout the year as other Mediterranean islands, with maximum rainfall in the winter and autumn months. Corfu’s summers are hot and sunny, with temperatures sometimes exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Despite its relatively mild climate, Corfu’s beaches are not overly crowded.

The island has several beautiful beaches that are perfect for families and couples alike. The beaches on the south and southeast of the island are ideal for families, while the beaches in the north and east are quieter and less windy. Some of the most popular beaches are Marathias, Halikounas, Prasoudi, and Iss. All are well worth a visit.

Gili Islands are tropical paradises

If you’re looking for an affordable beach vacation, look no further than Indonesia’s Gili Islands. This tropical paradise is home to a plethora of marine life, secluded beaches, and a vibrant nightlife. There’s something for everyone in the Gili Islands, so whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a group beach trip, there’s an island for you. Read on to learn how to get there and what to see and do!

The Gili Islands are known for their rambunctious nightlife, and the largest of them is Gili Trawangan. Though the island has an upscale vibe, the nightlife is still reasonably priced, even for a budget-conscious beach vacation. It’s also home to one of the most popular bachelor parties on the island. In addition to great beach bars, Gili Trawangan is home to some of the cheapest scuba diving in the world.

Kauai Beach Resort is a slightly pricier option in Lihue

The upscale Kauai Beach Resort & Spa is a bit more expensive than many of the other options in Lihue, but it does offer a few amenities that are more comparable to hotels on the island. The property’s rooms are bright and modern, with minifridges, flat-screen TVs, and furnished balconies. It has four swimming pools and a spa, and some of its rooms have stunning views of the beach. There’s a free shuttle service to the airport, and the resort has a 24-hour fitness center and a gym. Although it’s a bit on the pricey side, it’s located close to the airport and downtown Lihue, making it a great choice for those seeking a relaxing vacation.

Located just a short drive from the airport, Kauai Beach Resort is a slightly more luxurious choice for travelers in Lihue. This hotel offers direct beach access, tropical-themed pools, and Hawaiian cultural activities. There are multiple restaurants and a shallow wading pool for children.

Sitges is a Mediterranean beach resort town

If you’re looking for a laidback, fun, and cosmopolitan Mediterranean holiday, consider spending two or three days in Sitges. This city has a stunning coastline of beaches and whitewashed buildings. The town is full of local culture and has earned a reputation as a bohemian beach town. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim in gin-clear water and take in the sun on one of the many beaches.

You can choose between different types of accommodation in Sitges. There are hotels, Airbnbs, and villas. The former is the most affordable option, but the latter is more luxurious. Many of these are located on the beach or in the hilly surrounding the town. If you’re looking for luxury accommodation, consider renting a private villa. These vacation homes offer breathtaking views of the ocean and the bay.

Tips to Plan a Beach Vacation on a Budget

There are some ways to cut costs when traveling to the beach, and a zero-based budget is one of them. It will tell you exactly where every dollar goes, and it will help you determine where to cut back. When you’re on a budget, you’ll be on your financial A-game, and that means saving up for your trip now. You’ll save money on airfare, hotel rooms, and activities by preparing snacks ahead of time and packing snacks in a cooler.

Choosing a beach off the beaten path

Whether your family is looking for a romantic getaway or an affordable family vacation, choosing a beach off the beaten path can help you stay within your budget. There are many options for beach vacations on a budget, from cheap hotels to rental homes. However, choosing a location can be a challenge. Whether you’re interested in surfing, swimming, or spending the day on the beach, there are ways to make your beach vacation more affordable.

Choosing a family-friendly resort

When choosing a beach vacation for a family, be sure to check for eco-friendly features. Some family-friendly resorts have redesigned guest rooms and pools, and some have even made the effort to build more eco-friendly resorts. Check for amenities and activities for the entire family, as well as what age-appropriate activities they offer. In addition to a family-friendly atmosphere, these beach vacation spots usually have many amenities that cater to families.

Packing snacks in a cooler

If you’re looking to save money on your next beach vacation, consider packing snacks in a cooler. You can keep the food cool in the cooler, making it easier to consume while on vacation. Packing snacks in a cooler is great for families because you can bring different types of snacks, including fresh fruit and veggies, and there’s no need to buy ice packs.

To pack food in a cooler, make sure you think ahead about what you’ll need during the day. Remember that the cooler only has so much space, so many items will get soggy and messy. It’s best to pack snacks that can be enjoyed later on in the day. If you’re taking your cooler to the beach, place items that will last longer at the bottom. This way, you’ll be able to consume them when you’re ready.

Choosing a beach destination in the off-season

In order to save money on your vacation, choosing a destination that is in the off-season can make all the difference. On-season beach destinations are more crowded, and you may end up spending more money on hotel rooms and airfare than you would during off-season months. In addition, you can avoid the long weekend crowds, which can make beach vacations a lot more affordable.

Choosing a beach destination in the off season is the best way to find cheap beach vacations. Most airline companies and hotels lower their prices during the off-season. Also, attractions are less crowded, which can make the entire vacation more affordable. Taking advantage of these deals will allow you to save money on your vacation. Whether you choose to visit a beach in the off-season or wait until the last weeks of summer, you will find great deals that will make your vacation more affordable than you would think.

Choosing a family-friendly restaurant

When planning a beach vacation on a budget, it’s a good idea to choose a family-friendly restaurant. Choosing the right restaurant for your family can be a challenge, but you should try to choose a place that offers the type of food your children will enjoy. Eating out can quickly add up, especially when you’re in a new city. If you’re on a budget, preparing meals in your hotel room will save you a lot of money. Restaurant dining in coastal cities can quickly add up, and menus often feature seafood.

Cheap & Warm Places To Spend The Winter Holidays

Whether you’re looking for a tropical beach getaway or a budget holiday, there are several places where you can spend the winter holidays in a budget. These are some of the top destinations that will be warm, tropical, and cheap. Thailand, the “land of smiles,” is a popular Christmas destination for northern Europeans. Thailand is also surprisingly affordable, even during peak season. You’ll pay more for beachfront hotels, but there are plenty of great hotels that won’t break the bank.

Quito is a cheap and warm place to spend the winter holidays

If you are planning a holiday in the winter, Quito is an affordable and warm destination. Winter in Ecuador is short, with twelve hours of sunlight per day and moderate temperatures. Due to its proximity to the equator, temperatures are rarely too warm or too cold. The average temperature in Quito is around 17degC, and it’s slightly warmer in coastal lowlands. There is also seasonal variation in precipitation, with dry and wet seasons.

In December, the capital city of Ecuador celebrates its Independence Day and many cultural events. A visit to Quito during this time will give you a taste of Ecuadorian culture. The city’s vibrant cultural life is well represented by a colorful historical old town and a flashy new district. It’s also worth visiting the Salinas Beach, which is known as the Miami Beach of Ecuador. There, you can soak up the sun and enjoy the warm water and long stretches of sand. Moreover, you can also visit the Museum of Modern Art, which offers a fascinating look into Ecuador’s past.

Aside from a warm climate, Quito is also inexpensive, with many backpackers and travelers coming to Ecuador for their winter holidays. You can easily find cheap and comfortable accommodation in hostels, and you can also book a private Airbnb for a picturesque view of Quito. The cost of food is also quite low in Quito, with many affordable options. At the same time, many of the city’s main attractions, such as the Mercado Central, are free of charge or very cheap.

Salinas Beach is a tropical beach getaway

The warm and sunny weather in Salinas during winter months makes the town a perfect getaway from the cold weather. Accommodation costs are low and accommodations can be found on websites like Airbnb. Single rooms in boutique hotels can be booked for as little as $30 a night. If you want to stay near the beach, try Chescos Hostel & Hotel, which is located on San Lorenzo beach. There are also several restaurants within walking distance.

Key West is a great place for a family winter vacation

During winter months, it can be cold in many parts of the country, but in Key West, the weather stays mild and sunny. There is little chance of rain, which makes it perfect for sightseeing. And the low humidity and temperature range make it great for outdoor activities like sunbathing and water sports. In addition, hurricane activity is low, which means you won’t have to worry about the weather while you’re in Key West.

There are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy during a Key West winter vacation. For example, your family can go scuba diving, kayaking, and snorkeling. The main drag, Duval Street, stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. And, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway for the two of you, don’t forget to visit one of the many historic homes in Key West. You’ll be glad you did!

With warm, tropical waters and coral reefs, Key West is a great place for family vacations. Even in winter, temperatures are comfortable, making it ideal for beachcombing, snorkeling, and diving. And if you’re looking for a quieter and more peaceful place to spend your vacation, you can even take the kids to Key West. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone occupied during winter, so you can relax with your family and enjoy each other’s company.

New Orleans is a great place for a holiday

If you’re looking for a festive and memorable holiday destination, look no further than the enchanting and historic city of New Orleans. This Southern city comes alive in December, with festivities like the Big Easy’s Bonfire for Papa Noel. In the evenings, a parade and holiday lights fill the streets. In the city’s French Quarter, the Chili Cookoff is a popular event that attracts locals and tourists alike.

The mild winter temperatures mean that visitors can enjoy a wealth of holiday fun. The average high in winter is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lowest temperature is 46. This is ideal for exploring the city without feeling too chilly. In addition, the city’s attractions are open year-round, so even if you go during the winter, you can still enjoy all of the festivities. The weather in New Orleans is mild and comfortable, which means you can still wear your sweater without freezing to death.

December is one of the most beautiful months in New Orleans. The city’s holiday attractions include the NOLA Christmas Fest, caroling in Jackson Square, Celebration in the Oaks, and LUNA Fete. You can also visit the iconic Roosevelt Hotel and see the beautifully decorated, historic hotel during the holiday season. There are also plenty of other festive activities to keep you busy during the winter months.

Lanzarote is a mountain resort town in the Andes

A holiday in Lanzarote is the perfect way to escape the cold of winter. The weather is warm and sunny all year round, so it’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view. But before you book your holiday, consider what activities you’d like to enjoy. The island offers a variety of activities for all kinds of people, from hikers to surfers.

The island has many beaches, some with calm turquoise waters and others with perfect waves for surfing. The island’s volcanoes create a rocky backdrop, making for beautiful views and white sand. Famara beach is a surfing hotspot, backed by dramatic cliffs. The town also has some nice restaurants. While the beaches are not as wide as other spots in the island, you’ll be able to enjoy them at lower prices.

Hiking is a great way to get around the island and experience the stunning views. You’ll have to bring water and a hat, though. But if you’re really adventurous, you can hike up the island’s highest peak, Penas del Chache, located in the municipality of Haria. And if you have more time, you can take a bus from Arrecife to Playa Blanca.

Bariloche is a mountain resort town in the Andes

The main square in Bariloche is reminiscent of an Alpine village, with wooden Tyrol style roofs and green stone buildings. On one corner of the square is a statue of General Julio Roca, who served as a hero of the Argentine military. Unfortunately, the statue was covered in graffiti when we visited. If you are interested in a visit to this mountain resort town in the Andes, we recommend you do so.

The lake in Bariloche is impressive – a deep blue glacial lake surrounded by high peaks. Hikers can enjoy the view from the town’s various lookout points, including Cerro Campanario, Cerro Otto, and the nearby Playa Bonita. It’s also possible to hike to the top of Cerro Frey to get a panoramic view of the city.

San Carlos de Bariloche is an Argentine town located in the foothills of the Andes. The town is close to Chile and is surrounded by the National Park Nahuel Huapi. The town’s international airport is Teniente Luis Candelaria, named after the first person to fly over the Andes Mountain range in 1918. This airport is about 8 miles or 13 km from downtown Bariloche.

Anna Maria Island is a great place for a family winter vacation

If you’re looking for a fun winter vacation spot, Anna Maria Island, Florida, is a wonderful choice. From December to March, visitors from all over the United States and Canada head to the island to enjoy the mild climate. The Gulf Coast of Florida is generally warmer than the northern states, but not hot enough to be compared to the Caribbean. If you want to avoid the heat, you can opt to stay in a condo on the island.

Anna Maria Island has many family-friendly beaches that are suitable for bringing young children. Some of the most popular spots include Homes Beach, Manatee Beach, Coquina Beach, Cortez Bay, and Bean Point. However, you can also enjoy Disney World from this island without having to travel too far. In fact, you can easily reach the theme parks in under two hours from the island.

Anna Maria Island is famous for dolphins. Take a tour to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. You can also go on a dolphin-watching cruise to see these animals up close. If you’re interested in fishing, Anna Maria Island has a number of piers where you can fish for trout and grouper. No matter what your interests are, Anna Maria Island will offer you something to do no matter the season.

Insanely Cheap Places to Travel in the USA on a Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still visit some of the most beautiful cities in the country. These locations are not only cheap, but they’re also a lot more fun than you may think. These cities are perfect for families, and they offer a wide variety of cheap things to do, from hiking and skiing to shopping and eating. You won’t regret your trip to one of these cities.

South Padre Island

If you are on a budget and looking for cheap vacations, South Padre Island, Texas, is the perfect destination for you. From free activities to affordable hotel rooms, you can have an incredible vacation without breaking the bank. This beach town is known for its white sand beaches, wildlife, and plenty of activities to do outdoors. Visitors can go fishing for trout, flounder, and skipjack. The Laguna Madre Nature Trail offers views of exotic birds and alligators.

The most popular season for South Padre Island is during winter, but you can also visit during summer months. There are tons of great places to dine, drink, and party, and you can get an incredible deal on accommodations. You can even book last-minute vacation packages to save even more money! Whether you are on a budget or on a tight one, South Padre Island is the perfect destination.


Many travelers think that traveling to the United States means spending big money. The good news is that there are some incredible budget-friendly destinations in the country. There are some cities in particular that are ideal for travelers on a tight budget. Keep reading for more details on these destinations! And be sure to check back regularly for more great budget travel ideas! And don’t forget to check out our budget travel ideas for the United States.


When you are looking for places to visit in the USA on a budget, you should consider what kind of vacation you are planning. You may be able to get away with a cheaper hotel but still enjoy some of the major sights. Consider whether you want to visit an historic site or one that is more modern. Also, think about how close the location is to the main attractions.

Despite the high cost of accommodation in most American cities, there are many incredible places to visit without breaking the bank. If you are willing to spend a few extra bucks, you might want to consider visiting Philadelphia. Many restaurants in the city are BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle), which makes it a budget-friendly option. You can also use public transportation to get around, as the Southern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority offers a one-day pass for a low cost.

You can spend the winter months in the western United States, where you can enjoy the stunning landscapes. You can also visit Alaska in February or March, when the Iditarod sled race is held, which is a must-see. If you are visiting Arizona during the spring or summer, visit Phoenix, the state’s cultural capital. You can enjoy free attractions, take in a show at the Mob Museum, or tour the Grand Canyon nearby.


If you’re on a budget and want to explore a new city, Albuquerque, New Mexico, might be just the place for you. The Southwest city is a cultural and artistic hub with a variety of cultural experiences. Accommodation is generally $65 a night, although you can find places for even less. Food is also cheap, averaging $35 per day, and you’ll be able to try a variety of chili and chocolate.

If you’re looking for cheap flights, try flying on a red-eye flight. While this may sound cheap on paper, they can be more expensive than day flights. If you’re traveling by car, make sure to look for accommodation that offers free parking. When traveling in the spring, you can get great hotel deals. And although the city is a bit crowded, it’s very easy to get around. If you’re traveling in the summer, you can make use of the ABQ RIDE bus service, which runs throughout the city.

If you’re on a budget, you can enjoy the many free things to do in Albuquerque. You can explore the historic town and check out cultural hotspots on a Heritage Walking Tour. There’s also a hot air balloon ride that will give you a gorgeous view of the mountain ranges. While you’re in town, you can also visit the Acoma Pueblo, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in North America. You can also visit the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology to learn about how the desert landscape changed and how it impacted its people.

Coeur d’Alene

You can find some insanely cheap hotels in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The Budget Saver Motel offers free wireless Internet, room service, and vending machines. The motel is near the North Idaho Centennial Trail and North Idaho College. Besides, it is located within walking distance of many attractions. You can also check out the town’s historic sites such as the old jail and the North Idaho Centennial Trail.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, visit the Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa. Inspired by the area’s natural beauty, this spa incorporates elements of the landscape into its treatments. Water, rocks, and glaciers are used in massages and other spa treatments. You can also go skiing at one of the three nearby resorts.

If you’re planning a family vacation, you can visit Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The area is surrounded by mountains and is a great place for families. If you’re looking for a place to stay that’s close to the city but has a small-town feel, Coeur d’Alene is an ideal place for you.

Salt Lake City

Some of the best, most insanly cheap places to travel in the USA are in the desert. While you may not want to visit the hot desert, a trip to Phoenix can provide you with plenty of fun, cheap activities, and great views of the surrounding area. It’s best to go to Phoenix in mid-summer, when the temperature is at its highest.

If you’re on a budget, you can visit the capital of the United States, Washington, DC. It’s worth noting that the best hotels in the city can be as expensive as in many regional cities. Still, you can still find great hotels and attractions in the city. Whether you’re traveling with a family or on a budget, you’ll be able to find a great place to go that doesn’t cost a fortune.


If you are on a tight budget, a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a great way to save money. You can find cheap flights from many cities around the country. There are tons of free attractions that are worth checking out. These attractions are great for the whole family, and you can save a lot of money if you know where to look.

A seven-day vacation to Gatlinburg can cost just $1,641 per person, $2,947 for a couple, and $5,525 for a family of four. Hotels range from $45 to $274 per night, while vacation rentals and homes cost between $260 and $540. The average airfare is about $548 per person, but flights from other cities cost anywhere from $1720 to $2730 per person. With these numbers in mind, it’s easy to see why Gatlinburg is such an attractive place for budget travelers.

When it comes to accommodation, Gatlinburg is a great choice for those on a tight budget. The town offers a variety of cheap hotels, including a number of chain properties. These accommodations are generally inexpensive but are of decent quality. You can also get a great deal on a hotel in Gatlinburg by signing up for a free email newsletter. These email newsletters are full of discounts, coupons, and other great travel tips.


While some people think traveling in the USA is not for them, it’s actually possible to enjoy the country’s best attractions on a budget. For example, you can find cheap hotels in the city of Philadelphia. You can also find hotels in New Orleans and San Antonio. In these cities, accommodations can cost as little as $150 per night. You can also visit San Antonio to enjoy the culture, music, and food.

One of the best ways to enjoy a trip in the USA on a budget is to fly to a smaller city. Atlanta is a major hub for airline traffic in the US, so you can find cheap flights there. Also, you can avoid paying for expensive excursions in Atlanta and head out to the Appalachians or Stone Mountain Park. These are both beautiful, historical, and cheap places to visit.

San Antonio, Texas is one of the USA’s most inexpensive cities. It has a blend of Mexican and American culture and is one of the cheapest cities to visit. You can find an entire apartment or hotel room for $120 or less. You can also explore the city for free by riding the VIA Metropolitan Transit. The city is also one of the most beautiful places in the USA on a budget.


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