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Airbnb Teamed Up With Bill Nye and Olivia Wilde to Create Online Field Trip


If you’re not in a position to take your kids to the real world, why not give them the best of both worlds? Whether you’re on a budget or looking for a fun way to spend your spare time, Airbnb has launched an online field trip that’s sure to delight and engage your kids. The experiences can cost anywhere from $7 to US$100. Various activities will help them explore the world through a scientific lens. These virtual activities will also help you facilitate a conversation with your child. The experience allows parents and teachers to discuss current scientific topics with their kids. Coronavirus is a prime example. Kids can learn about genetics and vaccines while having fun doing so.

They are live virtual sessions with hosts from all over the world

While the live virtual sessions with hosts from all over the globe are not available for every country, you can experience local culture via the online experiences offered by Airbnb. These experiences are run by experts and limited to small groups. Whether you’re looking to learn more about a particular cuisine, explore the history of a specific city, or get a feel for a new culture, these online experiences offer a unique way to meet new people.

Airbnb’s latest product, Field Trips, is designed to help parents connect with the experiences their children would love. The new product features 75 online activities and extracurricular experiences hosted by hosts in more than 20 countries, including appearances by famous people and Bill Nye. Besides offering these live experiences, Airbnb has a growing collection of Online Experiences geared specifically for kids, including a Socially Conscious Story Hour with Olivia Wilde and Bill Nye, as well as a leopard safari in Sri Lanka and a work experience with an archaeologist to unearth the ruins of Pompei.

One such experience lets kids interact with celebrities and scientists and see what makes these places unique and memorable. Bill Nye, for example, is a regular guest of Airbnb Field Trips and his experience will be available for as little as $7. Guests who purchase the experience can also choose the charity of their choice, which means that you can support a good cause while making a small donation.

To join an Airbnb Field Trip, you must be logged in to your Airbnb account. After signing up, you can follow the instructions and join the meeting. Once you’re signed in, simply click the Zoom meeting link five minutes before the scheduled start time. You’ll be invited to the virtual session and the host will begin. Depending on what you’d like to learn, the host may offer classes in cooking, meditation, and other topics.

Another fun and unique experience is the “No Spain No Game” event. During a 60-minute event, a host leads a group of remote people through team-building games. Once they’ve figured out which of the stories are historical truths and which are fabrications, the audience will be able to tell. These sessions are perfect for team bonding or to spice up your lunch break.

For example, a group of Harry Potter fans can go on a virtual walking tour of Edinburgh, complete with the school supposedly inspired by Hogwarts and the shops of Diagon Ally. Or, if a group is interested in meditation, they can join a beginner-friendly meditation session hosted by Japanese Buddhist monk Kuniatsu. Kuniatsu has been hosting meditation sessions for Airbnb guests for five years and has welcomed nearly 4,000 travelers so far.

They have PE and Play sections

This week, Airbnb announced that it has partnered with space scientists Bill Nye and Olivia Wilde to create an online field trip for kids. The experiences, which will run from seven to 100 dollars, will benefit non-profits The Planetary Society and Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. The experiences are geared toward elementary school students, but parents can sign up at any age for a free trip.

The new collection of virtual experiences is intended to fill in the voids that kids often encounter while not in school. Olivia Wilde hosts a “Socially Conscious Story Hour” that provides children with a glimpse into the world around them. Parents can participate as facilitators in the field trips and explore topics related to science, genetics, and vaccines.

One section of the program features “Socially Conscious Story Hour” by Olivia Wilde, which teaches kids about diversity and equity. In addition, “How to Be a Social Problem Solver” by Marley Davis offers lessons on how to take steps towards equity and social change. Students can also choose from activities affiliated with the nonprofit organization Classroom Champions, which provides social and emotional curriculums taught by volunteer educators.

For parents, the online field trips are a great way to expand their child’s horizons while learning new subjects. The program also offers a collection of free online entertainment including Bill Nye’s “Decoding Science 2020,” Olivia Wilde’s “Socially Conscious Story Hour,” and the Diaz family from the #1000BlackGirlBooks.


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